#GoHereEatThis: Fillet Mignon & Classic American Food At Portland Steakhouse

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What Makes It Awesome

Serving up steaks, sizzlers, burgers and apple pie, Portland Steakhouse & Cafe is hearty, authentic and sets up a charming, old-school ambience. But we don’t look beyond the Fillet Mignon, and advise you the same! A tribute to Haroon Sait, the legendary founder of The Only Place, this steakhouse is owned by Sabiha, his daughter, and her husband Maqsood Mohamed. Naturally, we only focus on steaks! Fillet Mignon is the house favourite and ours too. In fact, they have a double Fillet Mignon, which is twice as nice — especially when doused in the to-die-for Bordelaise sauce. With that right bit of wine, and a hint of pepper, it hits all the right notes! Plus, they will go out of their way to grill the steaks to absolute personalised perfection. They’re one of the few who get the medium-rare right.

Chateaubriand and Supreme are old-time chart-toppers, and what really makes the steaks stand out are the sauces — Pepper Garlic, Mushroom, Chipotle and BBQ among others. While the beef cuts and steaks are top priority, lamb, fish and chicken eaters aren’t left out. In fact, nor are the vegetarians. New Zealand rack of lamb in rosemary and thyme, simple chicken steak in pepper sauce, salmons with dill and caper butter as well as the Hot Harissa Paneer Steak are other best-sellers in this department.

When you’re not in the mood for a steak, pastas can fill in. Their veggie or chicken lasagna (also Haroon’s own recipe), the creamy fettucine and Butternut Squash and Pea Risotto should be on the hit list. Since Haroon’s daughter is in charge, burgers are fantastic too. Order yourself a massive Portland Beef Burger that is juicy, grilled to your suiting, if you trust us! 


Pizzas, chicken wings, onion rings, salads, soups are on the menu but we’ll gleefully skip them in favour of the mains. But come hell or high water, finish off the meal with apple, cherry or peach pies.


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