Dum Lagao, Biryani Banao: These Cook-At-Home Biryanis From POTFUL Are A Must Try

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    What Makes It Awesome?

    With the entire world still grappling with COVID-19, we have turned to other sources of entertainment. Cooking is one art that we have recently become pros at, making our mothers and Sanjeev Kapoor very happy. But as much as we try, there's just no matching the scrumptious food we used to eat out at restaurants. Especially biryani! That is always one of our top cravings. So what do you do when you can't step out to your favourite joint to have it or you have to think twice before ordering it? While we’ve tried our amateur hands at making it, nothing beats the taste of authentic biryani. POTFUL has come to the rescue introducing the world of Cook At Home Dum Biryani. 

    POTFUL is a brand that is known for its authentic biryanis from be it Lucknowi, Hyderabadi or Kolkata style, and so much more! These biryanis are authentic and super super easy to make. Within 25 mins, your biryani is ready so you don't need to crave too long! It comes with a safe and secure packaging and ready to make ingredients. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below: 

    1. Choose your biryani flavour (Hyderabadi, Lucknowi or Kolkata)
    2. Cut, pour, cook and...
    3. Your favourite biryani is ready to eat just in 25 minutes. 

    What’s more, you can store it and cook it at your convenience! Calling out to all the home chefs, we don’t know about you but we’re ordering ASAP! 


    Safety is still a very important concern that POTFUL has already taken into account. All their deliveries are safe, fresh, and trustworthy. The kits are sanitised and packed with utmost care so go ahead and order. You can order directly from their website or download the POTFUL app. So, stay home, stay safe, and eat good biryani!

      Available Online