Chomp Down Samosas And Kachoris From This Cyclewala On Your Next Trip To Comm Street

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A regular feature on Commercial Street and its busy bylanes, Prajapati Samosa and Kachori is a snack shop on wheels. Flag him down when you want to nibble on something on the go.

Wheel Around

Apart from being a shopping hub, Commercial Street is also a haven for food lovers. There are plenty of little restaurants and makeshift stalls that dish out delightful goodies. These are perfect for when your energy levels drop after carrying all those shopping bags. Well, if you have been to Commercial Street, there’s no way you could have missed Prajapati Samosa And Kachoris that operates from the backseat of an old-fashioned cycle! You can usually spot the cycle-store on Narayana Pillai Street {the road opposite to Sterling House} or wandering about the main street itself. Since its already won votes from shoppers here, you’ll always find a crowd around the cycle which it makes it even easier to spot.

Kachori & Co.

Hungry customers can choose from two snacks here — kachoris and samosas. They get fished out of the glass box at the back and are then topped with sev or chutneys depending on your preference. They are usually warm {if you prefer them hot we recommend that you take them back home and stick them in the microwave} and the sweet and spicy chutney make for a lovely addition.

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