Gowdru-Style Biryani And Kebabs At The Little Known Prashant Hotel

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Rustic flavours and military hotel staples are what make Prashant Hotel in Rajajinagar a winner. Their Gowdru-style biryani and crispy kebabs, in particular, will make your trip worth it.

Chow Down

Mutton Biryani, Chicken Kebabs

Sip On

Aerated drinks or bottled water

Winning For

Their spicy take on the traditional Gowdru-style biryani and their crisped-up kebabs that come at amazingly low prices.

Lowdown On The Ambience

It’s easy to miss this one, standing amidst a row of fancy stores {look for it opposite the Gokul Veg Restaurant on the 1st Block Main Road}. This is a dine-n-dash establishment at best, so expect bare benches and chairs placed in rooms that could use a spruce up. If you are someone who expects to be swept away by the looks of a restaurant, you better not go here.

What’s On The Menu?

Without flashing the word ‘military’ in its name, Prashant Hotel is all about the rustic flavours that are associated with military hotel establishments in this city. No menu will come to you so you’ll just have to order off the display board nearest to you. We ordered the Mutton Biryani {chicken version available too}. Military hotels usually present lightly-spiced, short-grained biryanis. Prashant too doesn’t veer much from the traditional version but does dial up the spice quotient by a notch or two. This is a welcome improvement we feel and what sets its apart. One plate is enough if you are a big eater. However, if you prefer small portions you may need someone to help polishing it off.

With it, we also ordered the Chicken Fry and the Chicken Kababs. Of these two, the Chicken Kababs really shone through. The portion was generous and the chunks of meat were deep-fried to a crisp. It made for a perfect pairing with the biryani. The Chicken Fry, however, didn’t find too many takers. Again there was plenty of chicken to bite into. But the orange gravy it came in tasted of garlic and little else.

There’s also Ragi Mudde, and offal such as Thale Mamsa {Goat Head Meat}, Liver Fry {mutton and chicken}, Boti Fry {intestines}, on the menu. The vegetarians might feel left out though.  

So We’re Thinking…

Prashant Hotel might not be very well known to the rest of Bangalore but it is pretty popular in this part of town, so even on a weekday you may need to wait around for a table. Also, a takeaway might be the best option for those of you who prefer to enjoy your meal in a more sterile environment.


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