Whisk, Pour, Cook: These Pre-Mixes Are Making Home Baking Even Easier!

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Bawi Whisk

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What Makes It Awesome

If you've gone through and are really done with the banana bread baking phase in 2020, we feel you. But that doesn't mean you need to give up on baking altogether, right? That's where Bawiwhisk comes in. This brand is about making desserts accessible and easy for everyone, whether you have an oven or not. Their mixes are made to be cooked in any available bartan: from baking tins to pressure cookers and even idli makers! For anyone in Bangalore, you'll know the folks frmo Gobble Up Churros. Yes? Yes. Well, this brand is from the same makers! 

They've got a few different options that you can opt for which includes a donut mix, a churros mix, pancake & waffle mix, a mug cake mix (this looks oh-so-simple), white velvet cupcake and salted biscuit. As we mentioned, they're made to be baked in the regular Indian home kitchen using daily utensils. For example, we hear the cupcakes can be made in an idli maker or a pressure cooker using a mold.

Prices start at INR 170 upwards for their mixes. If you've been longing to bake but can't be bothered to stock up on a ton of baking essentials this one is a quick fix (and easy mix!)


You can buy the range right here on LBB. Also, they're coming up with doughnut pre-mixes! And we cannot wait!