Premium Gourmet Burgers & Cold Brews In Namma Bengaluru

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What Makes It Awesome?

Finally, the fast food favourite is getting its due. The humble burger now got its own place, in gourmet heaven and much closer home, in Namma Bengaluru in Indra Nagar.

Yes, am talking about Burger Seigneur, the new gourmet burger place in town with exotic burgers that will appeal to the well travelled Indian palate.

I was also surprised at the fact that this place also celebrates coffee in its many forms, Hot & Cold with special infusions that make you go, hmmm. Trust me I was sceptical with some flavours, like watermelon & pistachio. But these guys have done extensive research on what works well together & what doesn’t, and have provided the best out there to offer.

These warm Bangalore evenings call for some cold brew coffee with watermelon, absolutely refreshing and fabulous, with the strong Himalayan coffee brew complimenting the fresh watermelon. Every sip is divine and makes you want more.

I was always right about the pairing coffee with nutty flavours, with hazelnut topping my lust list. However here I was judged to try another but, the coconut with cold brew pure coffee. If you presume it to be a concoction of coffee & coconut milk, you are, well wrong. This beauty is with Tender Coconut water with a few slices for you to chew on, such a delight you should sip this instead of your regular frappe.

Their dynamite prawns are to die for, super succulent, meaty & delicious prawns made well. Do try their cheesy curly fries, which I liked but not enjoy much.

Now coming to the burgers, this place is new, they have a few burgers to satiate every vegetarian & meat lovers alike. I started off with The Dynamite, their lamb mince burger, with a layer of Dorito’s & Bay Bay sauce. With every bite, there was an explosion of Mexican flavours in my palate, probably the best gourmet burger I have ever had in India.

There is something unique about their burgers, the buns are not your usual tear with every bite kinds. It was soft, bouncy, held its shape till the last bite. We were so curious, we ask the chef to spill out the secret. The reluctant chef, very adamant, gave away just one great ingredient that goes into their house-made bun, but for you! It’s gonna remain a secret.

The vegetarian burger I wanted to sample & share had a whole grilled portobello mushroom as the party, absolutely drool-worthy, a must try for vegetarian & non-vegetarian blokes alike.

To appeal to families with kids, they do have the quintessential milkshakes, that we looked around was popular among the kids, slurping & scurrying away.

Overall a great place for premier gourmet burgers, even if burgers is not your thing. The burger buns were something that is very unique and very well made, elevating the whole experience, full five stars not just for the decadent & delicious burgers, but also the gourmet Himalayan coffee blends, they were superb and just perfect!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

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