Yummy Mummies-To-Be! Rock Your Pregnancy With These Prenatal Yoga Classes In The City

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Pregnancy is a joyous time, no doubt. But those nine months can really take a toll on you. For urban women, pregnancy aches and pains are common. And, of course, there’s the constant anxiety on how your delivery will go. If you want to stay on top of things and ensure a comfortable birth {as much as possible}, these prenatal yoga classes in the city might just help you out.

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Srimoyi Yoga Retreat

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Bloom Maternity Studio

Srimoyi Yoga Retreat

Located in Bellandur, Srimoyi Yoga Retreat offers six-week sessions for mothers-to-be. The classes are offered to pregnant women in their second trimester and only after you have your gynaecologist’s permission. Held on Wednesdays {usually in the morning}, the classes will see you execute a mix of pranayamas and asanas that help you prepare for a natural birth. The instructor will also focus on helping you ease any of the discomforts {like lower back pain, calf pain, or digestive troubles} that you may have. The prenatal yoga classes not just prepare you for a healthy pregnancy but will also help your recover faster after your delivery.

Price: On Request

August Yoga

Available at their HSR Centre, August Yoga is where you can sign up for one-on-one prenatal yoga therapy sessions. After an initial consultation, you and your therapist can decide on what time and days work best for you. The duration of the course also depends on the kind of difficulties you want to work through and also what stage of pregnancy you are in. But the therapists here mostly focus on breathing and relaxation exercises as well as pranayamas.

Price: INR 700-INR 1,500 per session

Chaitanya Yoga Wellness Studio

Feel most comfortable at home? No worries! This studio will help you out. They only offer one-on-one sessions and you can choose to have them at home or at their studio {however only male instructors are available for home sessions}. After you are four months into the pregnancy, you start off with your classes and they provide classes up till the time of your delivery {as long as your doctor gives the green signal}. During the sessions, you’ll focus on breathing exercises that come in handy during your delivery and also asanas that help open out your pelvic region. 

Price: INR 4,000 – 8,000 per month.

Active You

Dr Rashmi Kapoor offers private sessions for mommies-to-be in the Whitefield vicinity. Or you can sign up for group sessions at the hospitals that she practices at {this may require to sign up for other services at the hospital}. At the classes, you will be taught simple techniques in stretching and also yoga poses that are beneficial to your pregnancy. Meditation, Lamaze, and breastfeeding consultations are also on offer.

Price: INR 600 onwards per session

Cosmo Yoga Studio

Frazer Town’s Cosmo Yoga Studio offer personalised yoga sessions. These one-on-one sessions happen after 10 in the morning and are taken on after a thorough study of what you need. Apart from the regular mix of breathing exercises and asanas, the instructor also focuses on any physical troubles you may have during your pregnancy. You can also come back for their post-pregnancy classes as well.

Price: INR 5000 onwards per month

Bloom Maternity Studio

Headed by Arpitha Shankar — a certified prenatal yoga instructor and childbirth educator — Bloom Maternity Studio offers customised, yoga sessions. Pregnant mommies can swing by for one-on-one sessions at the Indiranagar studio. And while many prefer to start off after 24 weeks of pregnancy, if your doctor gives a go-ahead you can start off in the first trimester. Shankar tells us that in yoga traditions there are specific asanas that are suited to the first trimester. During the sessions, the focus will be on breathing exercises that help you manage your pain and emotions during the delivery. You will also practice asanas that increase endurance and act as hip openers {they stabilise your pelvic region and increase its flexibility}. The class will also address common pregnancy complaints like nausea, back pain, varicose veins, and Sciatica troubles.

Price: INR 4,500 for 12 sessions {in a month}


Please consider taking these yoga classes only after a consultation with your gynaecologist.


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