Watermelon Rose Or Elderflower Ginger: Swap Cola Or Booch For Yum Jun Tea Here!

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What Makes It Awesome

A customary beverage with every meal? We know those folks all too well (the writer being one). But after shuttling between colas, mojitos and borderline diabetes, trust us you don't want to revisit this aerated, sugar and calorie-filled road. What's a highly recommended alternative though is the gut-friendly kombucha. This fizzy, almost-vinegary, fermented drink is personally to us and many an acquired taste. But no, we are writing off kombucha in any way, instead, we're introducing you to its milder, more stomachable cousin, Jun Tea. 

This elixir that you can enjoy with/before/after any meal (an answered prayer, really) is also fitness and health nut, Sarah's favourite drink. So much that her experimentation has given us Probiotea, an e-brand that's about to make Jun Tea an everyday treat that does you good. Here's the primary difference in case you were wondering -- Jun Tea uses green tea (softer taninns than black tea + more antioxidants) and raw honey (earthy, flowery sweetness as compared to cane sugar) for a drink that has a less sour bite. Sarah makes hers uber interesting with high-quality ingredients and unheard of flavours.

Making small batches of about 10 to 20 litres at their home studio a week, Probiotea uses premium India jasmine green tea and raw honey from the Sundarbans together with (again locally sourced) exotic elderflower, spirulina or matcha. This then gives you delicious options like Elderflower Ginger, Rose Water Melon, and Matcha Mojito.

There are five flavours in all, each priced at INR 299 for a 500 ml bottle. 


A serving calls for about 125 ml, so a bottle lasts you a good three meals. Make sure to serve it over ice! Probiotea ships within a week. 


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