Five Easy-To-Use Products For Someone With Dry & Frizzy Hair

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I love my hair, but I really don't take enough care of it. And for someone who works out twice a day, even the driest of hair gets icky and sweaty, and more knotted than it already is! But thanks to these five products, my mane is usually in control. All the products are easy to use, do not require any blow drying (unless styling is needed). Also, I love my curls. So these keep the curls intact, and do not straighten my hair. Mercifully they do tame my Medusa locks! Take a look...

L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum

L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum

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This is really easy to use, and buy! At a rather easy INR 250, it’s a serum and is great for frizzy, and dry hair. With Argan oil mixed into it, not only does it smoothen the frizz, but also really does make my hair look shiny and silky too. I use this most often, as I tie up my hair almost all the time. This keeps the hair healthy, and I don’t mind buying multiple bottles of this economical elixir! It’s to be used on damp hair, and while it doesn’t style the hair, it does make it manageable.

Got a serious case of hairfall? These serums will sort you out.

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Polishing Nourishing Milk

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Polishing Nourishing Milk

For a real stylising session (which is for weddings, super important meetings or girls night out), I bring out the Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Polishing Nourishing Milk. Ideal for my hair which is dry but not massively dry all the time, not only does this one smoothen the hair and protect it from heat of the sun, hair drier or any product, but it also looks shiny! It is also a good INR 3,500 when it is not on sale, and is a 150ml tube. So, you can see why I don’t use it all the time! I love my mane, but I also love my bank account! For someone who washes their hair thrice, sometimes four times, a week, I’ll be needing a new one of these too often. Hence, I pick my next option for more frequent use! 

L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Smooth Liss Control Gel Cream

L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Smooth Liss Control Gel Cream

I was advised by a wonderful hair expert that this is great to keep the hair soft and smooth, and it truly does. I use this when I want my hair to really listen to me and not wander off on it’s own path! Just a coin’s worth is used on half-dry hair, and when I put this, I usually just leave my hair in a light scrunchie so the locks are tamed, but the curls are not lost at all. The cream is quite thick and it’s amazing the wonders it does with the minimal amount to be used!

Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3

You may have noticed that hair styling is not quite my priority. So, I usually skip the real Olaplex treatments, and also skip the at-home versions for step one and two which repairs damaged hair. I go straight to Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 which is a mix of No.1 and No.2! This repairing treatment is easy to do, and all I do is wet my hair, apply this, roam about the house leaving trails of water and this divine treatment, and then rinse it out and use my usual shampoo and conditioner after! Not to compare to the salon treatment, but even at home, this product works wonders... even for my unruly mop! It’s priced at INR 2,549 and lasts about 5-6 uses so all in all, pricey but not too much of a dent.

Detangling Comb By XO Curls

Xo Curls Detangling Shower Comb

I've truly had enough of broken combs, hair brushes and hair strands! So, when XO Curls' Shower Detangling Comb popped on LBB, via my colleague's post on it, I knew it was needed in my life! Like he said, it is the curl comb you've been waiting for. The comb has a unique alternate teeth design that easily glides through the hair, detangling it gently. So, you can keep the curls, and get rid of the knots. Read more about the wonder comb here


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