Ten-Second Takeaway

Encouraging independent thought and reactions using humour, Brainded India’s Project Vandal-Eyes 2016 wants you to create clever spoofs of brand logos.

Wielding Humour

Always found yourself changing channels to avoid the barrage of advertisements on TV? Brainded India {an initiative by city-based artist and comics creator, Appupen aka George Mathen} hopes to change the way we respond to the brands that invade our personal space in different forms. And, no they don’t ask you to hold protests or get aggressive about it. In fact, humour is their weapon of choice.

In an attempt to make humour a normal form of dissent, they have web-series and online comics to spread the message in subtle yet hilarious ways. Think a green-tea drinking superhero named Rashtraman and an ongoing poster series {The Great Brainded India Poster} which uses interesting concepts to portray the current system {fancy joining the Spit India Movement?}.

Spoof Fest

Photo source: Brainded India

Photo source: Brainded India

An independent wing of Brainded International {an artistes’ collective started in Amsterdam}, the Indian movement has launched their all-new Project Vandal-Eyes. Opening up the dialogue to the public, the initiative invites participants to pick a logo, spoof it and mail it to them {by October 31}. From satire to witty rewording of popular logos, let your imagination run wild with this one. While the entries get featured on their Facebook page, this one’s bound to get the conversation going, we think. Put on your thinking caps, folks!

Contact: Entries to be mailed to callusbrainded@gmail.com by October 31.

Find them on Facebook here for more details.

Photos: Brainded