Swing By Drava To Have The Best Pan-Asian Delicacies In Town!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Drava was always famous for their night events, but now they are serving some great Pan-Asian delicacies prepared by an experienced chef.

I happened to visit this place in the afternoon and was awestruck by the lunch menu they have. Bright and cool ambiance, the retro-styled lounge area was another plus to have a satisfying meal.

I tried the below dishes from their menu
Boom chika wow wow, Porn star Martini and suck my pop was the cocktails I tried and I loved each of them..!!

Their cocktails are specialties and you don't miss to try the flaming tower..!! One of the best looking and tasting cocktails..!! Whiskey fireball served with Apple and cinnamon-flavored vodka-based drink..!!

🔶 Starters
Tom yum soup..!! Although the color of the soup is different, the taste was heavenly..!! Couldn't resist the soup and finished a full bowl of soup within minutes.. !!

Basil Thyme paneer tikka- tikka is a very common dish in almost all the restaurants, but a pan-asian touch to this paneer tikka is worth eating..!! You do not want to miss this chef's special, with perfect amount of thyme and basil added to the mildly spiced and perfectly grilled paneer tikka..!!

Crispy Mushrooms - baby corn, Gobi, paneer crispy/chilli are too mainstream..!! Let's get some crispy Mushrooms this time..!! A very difficult dish to prepare, but they nailed it by making the mushrooms perfectly crispy and little soft from inside with that soya based sauce they tossed on..!! Perfection

Veg platter - if you don't want to order many starters and just try a small amount of everything, this is the best to order..!! Masala potatoes, filled mushrooms, 3 varieties of paneer tikka, grilled baby corn. Although few of them didn't taste great, it's not at all a bad idea to order if you want to taste them all

Veg loaded pizza - these wood-fired pizzas had perfect veggie toppings with loads of mozzarella cheese and that smokey flavor everyone loves when it's wood-fired. The crust could have been baked a little more to add that perfect crispiness, but these pizzas were much better than what 80% places serve

We also had some rotis and veg curry, paneer curry as well, which tasted awesome.

🔶 Desserts We were already full of all the food we had and the cocktails, but no meal can be satisfying unless you eat dessert..!! So, we ordered a chocolate brownie with ice cream. Again, a perfect end to the sumptuous meal.

Overall, I say this place is not just for night parties and alcohol, but for a great family/group lunch as well. Do make a note and visit this place for lunch and you wouldn't regret.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group

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