Oh, Bangalore and the obsession for beer and rock music. The DJs, swanky nightclubs and cocktails of the world cannot take away from the city’s love for grungy pubs. And thank goodness for that! Nothing really compares to the musty-meets-smokey and rock music energised hotspots, which most citizens can practically call home! Old-world charm, cozy booths, turned up tunes, pool tables, happy hours and a lifetime of memories — here’s where Bangalore spends pretty much all their time and money. We’ll even go out on a limb and say they’re the best we have!

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Ujwal Bar And Restaurant

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Jimi’s Beer Cafe

Ujwal Bar And Restaurant

It went from being quite a neat bar and restaurant, to a bit of a grungy one, and now it’s back to being pretty cool. But you know what stayed the same? The people. Yes, yes, all of you who went there for the Coconut Chicken and Chilli Crab. Wouldn’t have been the same without that vodka, whiskey or chilled beer, and the terrace {with the wooden tables and Neelkamal plastic chairs no less!} And we’re happy to report that they have Bira as of two months ago!

Jimi’s Beer Cafe

Photo source: Jimi's Beer Cafe

Photo source: Jimi’s Beer Cafe

Every Saturday night plan was made with lofty ambition. But where did everyone end up? Jimi’s, of course! And why not? They’ve got good beer — from Stella and Corona to Kingfisher and Budweiser, pub grub and rock music. It’s exactly what a weekend should be. Plus, you can go in jeans, and no one will up-down you…still! And long may it last!


Photo source: Sathya's

Photo source: Sathya’s

When you’re being a bit of a localist, the Koramangala folks will refuse to come to the CBD. They’ll keep going back to Sathya’s like homing pigeons. After all nothing can keep them away from the cheap beer, spirits {as if you need more than Vat 69 and Signature on such a night}, cocktails with copious amounts of alcohol and their slightly shady sounding mocktails. Anyone for a Devell 66 or a Girls Night Out? Non-Koramangala dwellers, this weekend will likely see you boozing it up at this place.


While everyone’s parents thought this place was all about getting high here {erm}, the charm of Stones is similar to Jimi’s. Old-school Bangalore where beer, rock and Chilli Chicken takes centre stage, many an afternoon {to evening, and then night} have been spent here listening to Dire Straits, Metallica and Gun ‘n’ Roses. This was and still is one of those places that are Go. Drink. Eat. Repeat.


Photo source: Pecos

Photo source: Pecos

Pretty much starting from pre-noon {it’s drinking time somewhere on Earth, OK?}, from teens pretending to be adults and adults pretending to be teens, this place is eternally brimming with people. Dark, dingy and reminiscent of the dark days of rock, cheap beer and spirits is what you came for here. Over and over again. Those around from the 90s will know at least three couples who’ve gotten together and broken up here. That too to some cheesy song, most likely Nothing Else Matters or Bed Of Roses. And the best part? It’s still the same!

Windsor Pub


Alas, it is no longer the much loved grungy pub that served the best chilled beer {or so it seemed} and spot on Shandy with Pandi Curry and Andhra Chicken. We pretty much marked our names out on the sofas, but now that it’s shut shop in Vasanth Nagar and moved to Indirangar, things have changed. While the food and drink is still great, the atmosphere is for the posh. It’s Windsor Pub, but it’s really not. Boohoo. Maybe we’ll start a petition for the old one to be brought back to life!

Scottish Pub {Noon Wines}

Oh you beauty, you. From {Heritage} wine drinking competitions in the afternoon {stop judging, you were probably at the neighbouring table!} and beer games in the evening, there’s little choice here. It’s wine or beer! No, really. That’s all the drinks menu has. But it covers two pages, as opposed to the food menu which is a single page! Classic like Masala Peanuts, Cheese Pineapple, Manchurians and pakoras of all sorts still hold pride of place, and thank goodness for it.

Purple Haze

Photo source: Purple Haze

Photo source: Purple Haze

Jimi Hendrix clearly had a very strong influence on shaping Bangalore’s best pubs. So naturally there needed to be one named after his top song. So, hello Purple Haze. If you agenda since the 1990 has been to drink beer, head bang and play air guitar all evening, head here. With purple strobe lights and pool table to boot, it’s the quintessential pub. It even has some slightly disinterested staff, who’ve had enough of people going crazy with the 1+1 offer on beer and spirits during Happy Hour from 11am to 11pm from Monday to Thursday. Now you know where one goes post work!

1522 Pub

Photo source: 1522 The Pub

Photo source: 1522 The Pub

The original soldier in the pub department for Malleswaram, if you haven’t been to 1522 then hang your head in shame for 1522 seconds and then jump in a cab and go here. Yes there’s old-school vibes, music and beer, but adding that extra to stand out, the cocktails are fantastic — especially the classics like the Martini, Mojito and Long Island Iced Tea. Absolute bang for your buck with most of them priced at INR 250. With a good selection of Indian and foreign liquor, minus the unnecessary and glaring price difference you see at most other places, the Happy Hour from noon to 5.30pm on weekdays keeps the crowd coming.

Downtown Pub

Nothing and no one can stop a Bangalorean from loving this place. Though emotions may differ when the slightly deplorable seating is concerned. While the area is now teeming with new spots, the crowd wants their beer and they want it at Down Town.  Their cocktails will keep you happy as well, but y’know…when in Rome.


Photo source: Tavern at the Inn

Photo source: Tavern at the Inn

It’s impossible to stop at just this when the city’s beloved Tavern at Museum Inn should have been on this list forever. So we’re going to honour the legacy for that typical smoky, crowded, loud and utterly fulfilling pub atmosphere, but making it an honorary member of this list of Best Bars In Bangalore. Rest In Peace, Tavern. We’ll see you on the other side.

Feature Photo: 1522 The Pub