Pecos, 13th Floor And Arbor: Drink Up At These Pubs In And Around MG Road

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Before Indiranagar and Koramangala became the hip neighbourhoods they now are, MG Road was the town’s party central. And after all these decades, it continues to be a crowd-puller thanks to an envious list of pubs, bars, and breweries that populate it. Here’s a list of the best bars in and around MG Road.

Sherlock’s Pub

Watch the world go by while you throw back a few at this laid back pub that’s located right on MG Road. Best visited with a gang of pals, Sherlock’s offers an extensive bar and food menu. From Bira to Long Island Iced Teas and Old Monk, they’ve got it all. Pair these up with plates of Peri Peri Chicken Wings, Onion Rings and good old Chicken 65. Oh, and the skydeck makes it all the more worthwhile.

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Guzzler’s Inn

When you want to go old-school, drop by Guzzlers’s. A favourite with all generations, this place is perfect for when you want to get a happy high on a shoestring budget. They offer an array of nicely-done classic cocktails. Among which, the Mojito and the Margaritas are a favourite with us. Of course, a bulk of the clientele prefers chugging down pitchers of beer. In between sips, do munch on tried-and-tested bar nibbles like Masala Papad, Chicken Tikka, and Paneer Pakodas.

Arbor Brewing Company

One of the best breweries in Central {and all of} Bangalore, Arbor Brewing Company sure knows how to show its patrons a good time. Swing by and knock back plenty of their Indian Pale Ale and Irish Stout {do ask for the day’s specials}. Their food too is a high point. And the menu includes gems like Chilli Cheese Bacon Fries, Drunken Chicken {done up in a Bourbon sauce} and a stellar Mac ‘N’ Cheese. 

Pecos Classic

When you want to stir a healthy dose of nostalgia into your mug of beer, Pecos is the place for you. At this iconic pub, the air is heavy with smoke and dim rooms are filled with the thumping beats of classic rock hits. Settle in for endless rounds of beer (they don’t serve any other booze) and plates of their Beef Chilli, Prawn Ghee Roast, and Fried Pork. Vegetarians can chomp on Chilli Potato, French Fries, and Baby Corn Manchurian.

Hard Rock Cafe

One of the hippest night out spots in the area, Hard Rock Cafe mixes up a great bar experience with heady vibes. Sip on Sparkling Berry Sangrias and Fresh Margarita Martinis. If you are going all in, the Ultimate Long Island Iced Tea will serve you well. When you are looking for some grub, their Nachos, Ribs, and Burgers make for excellent options.

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13th Floor

Offering a bird’s eye view of the city, this hotspot on MG Road makes for an excellent party setting. Their fully stocked bar comes loaded with a range of drinks, including, Mojitos, Sangrias, and Martinis. You can also nibble your way through an extensive food menu that includes Wasabi Mushrooms, Thai Crispy Beef, and Andhra Chilly Chicken Tikka.

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The Permit Room

An inspired food and drinks menu awaits you at this popular watering hole. Beer lovers, they have Geist on tap! The cocktail section too offers plenty that’s exciting. Paati’s Magic Rasam, for example, comes with whiskey, curry leaves, and a hit of green chilli. There’s also the Fizzy Kosambari, where gin meets cucumber, coconut, and pomegranate. From the food menu, the NRI Idlis, Okra Podi Chips, and the Pandi Spare Ribs are all gobble-worthy.

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Jimi’s Beer Cafe

Located in Garuda Mall, Jimi’s Beer Cafe is popular with the beer guzzlers and rock lovers. While a good chunk of the menu is dedicated to beer, they do have a full bar here that includes all kinds of tipple and classic cocktails. Once you’ve ordered up your favourite drink, we recommend you also sign up for their Beer Battered Onion Rings, Chicken Manchurian, and Coorgi Pandi Fry.


The crowds love Communiti, that’s for sure. You can stop by for a laid back drinking session or even a lazy lunch or dinner. From their brewery, the Dark Stout and the Pale Ale are popular picks. We love the starters here and the Mozzarella & Basil Frittos, Devilled Eggs, and the Nutty Crackling Chicken stand out.

Chin Lung

So, back in the day, Chin Lung was a bar of three unusable floors with the fourth floor being an open rooftop. But now, Chin Lung has totally revamped and got us heading there for new but also old vibes! Their food menu isn’t very varied but they’ve got everything you’d want to pair with your drink. We strongly recommend the garlic chicken and, even though we can’t see it on their menu anymore, you can ask for the lemon chicken, which is to die for. The paneer chilli and groundnut masala is also great bar food if you’re vegetarian. Same as always, they don't have fancy cocktails but your favourite spirits will be there for sure!

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