Weddings To Birthdays: Embroidered Hoops To Make You Go Whoop Whoop!

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Qalam Arts

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What Makes It Awesome

When you fail to put words to moments, Qalam Arts embroiders them for you for sweet eternity. How beautiful is that? Exactly our thoughts when we went through artist Naseeba's stunning handiwork. An architect by profession, she moonlights as a crafter for her handmade gift store, Qalam Arts. The one biggest hit we see most of on her collection are wall hoops - embroidered to perfection and customised to your heart's content. 

The Wedding 3D Theme Wall Hoops win by leaps and bounds in our opinion -- they feature the bride and groom in traditional wedding attire (the clothes actually sewed in), a calendar with a heart swapped out for the date of your special day, and the names of the couple, too cute! Similarly, Qalam Arts also makes birthday variations, or one for the BFF, with special vows, pregnancy announcements, and more. Doll Hoops are much requested too, again featuring a 3D doll version and whomever you want to surprise. 

Naseeba's embroidery more often than not has rose arrangements and gorgeous calligraphy to go with. You can also buy calligraphic invitations cards, and stickers from Qalam Arts. Make sure to place your orders well in advance, since each gift is a labour of love and takes time to craft. Click on Enquire Now to do so, prices are available based on personalisations.


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