Go Quad Biking In The Middle Of The Night At This Off-Roading Site

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Hop onto an 800cc powerful all-terrain vehicle for a thrilling ride through a dirt track. If you want to slow down, it’s also a great option for checking out the scenery. Plus, night rides too!

Ride On

There’s just something about getting down and dirty on a mud track when you’re riding a lean, mean, revving machine! And in this case, the machine just happens to be a gorgeous quad bike. With an off-road trail that goes for a good 15 kilometres {there’s also 7 km or 10 km-options}, get set for the ride of your life with Dirt Mania. Think slush, mud, rocky terrain and even hillocks. Bring it on!

Moonlight Adventure

We also love the night rides. They’re even more mysterious. Try making it on a full moon night like me and my crew did. It’s magical. Slightly chilly, rather intimidating {What? You never know what might crawl out of the shadows!} and very exciting, the 15-kilometre stretch even seems enchanting. Oh, you’re a fraidy cat? Not to worry, ride pillion with your pal and then just clutch onto them for dear life. And do the camera work. Nothing like catching a rabbit or wild dog on your Insta-Story or Snapchat.

For those who like it a bit tame {to start off with at least}, Dirt Mania even has controlled rides that are on a road track. Since you’re likely to be a noob, this will seem exhilarating enough. But be warned, you’ll soon be addicted to the adrenaline and you’ll want more, more and more. So, we’ll see you on the dirt track at midnight soon?


It’s a bit out of town, so try and squeeze in a game of paintballing too. But schedule it post the ride because it may tire you out.


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