Eat, Shop And Get Inked At Raheja Arcade - Koramangala’s Original Mall

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There may be no dearth of glitzy malls in Koramangala these days, but not so long ago all roads led to Raheja Arcade. A large structure {actually quite the landmark}, at the heart of Koramangala, the arcade’s popularity may have taken a beating but don’t dismiss it yet. From budget-shopping to a charming Parisian-themed cafe and restaurants offering vegetarian delights — Raheja Arcade has plenty on offer. LBB chalks out your trip to Koramangala’s first shopping complex.

Talk Shop

Just as you enter the shopping complex, a large forecourt opens up in front of you. The entire area is studded with budget-shopping stalls that you should look through. While you won’t find clothes to wear to work or a fancy party, you can plough through piles of export rejects to find T-shirts, shorts, skirts, and tops that you can wear at home or {at the most} for a casual outing. We also spotted a stall selling ready-made blouses of all sorts — ones with zari or mirror work. So, the next time you are in urgently in need of a saree blouse, you know where to come. Other than that, you’ll find various knick-knacks and accessories {think, hair bands, scrunchies, bags, and China-made beauty products}. Prices start at about INR 50.

Get Inked

Want to take home something permanent from Raheja Arcade? Then, a trip to Kraayonz Tattoo Studio might do you good. One of Bangalore’s best-known tattoo parlours, Kraayonz specialises in artful pieces as well as intricate portraits. From John Lennon to Ganesha, soaring kingfishers, Batman, seahorses, and whatnot — they’ll have you inked in no time.

Go Veg!

When you are craving a meal brimming over with veggies, we recommend a stopover at Gramin’s or Om Pure Veg. Both restaurants, sitting side-by-side, are loved by patrons. At Gramin’s, we recommend that you sign up for their North Indian Thali if you are here on a weekday for lunch. Your heavy plate will come laden with phulkas smeared with ghee {they have plain rotis for those of you who are health conscious}, two vegetable preparations, rice, raita, and a sweet. The Bhindi Rajasthani, Corn Pulav, Paneer Baby Corn Jalfrezi, and Malai Koftas are a la carte favourites. At Om Pure Veg, the star of the short menu is their thali. It’s unlimited and you can pile your plate high with sabzis, dals, raita, and rice. If you are feeling peckish, there’s paneer pakode, poha sev, and sabudana khichdi.


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