This Bookstore Is Always On Sale & Offers New And Used Books At Just INR 50

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Rainbow Book Store in Malleswaram is a treasure trove of new as well as second-hand tomes that are on offer at great prices. With over 300 books priced at just INR 50, you need to bookmark this place.

What Makes It Awesome

On our never-ending quest to find books at great prices and sustain our reading habit, we chanced upon this hidden gem on Sampige Road in Malleswaram. With a banner that read Rainbow Book Exhibition Cum Sale, Rainbow Book Store, an 18-year-old bookshop, looked like a Cotton Expo sale space, but for books. Set in a big lot, packed to the gills with books, what caught our eye right away was a big table, right at the entrance, with stacks of books on top and a sign that read INR 50. Yep! That’s right. All the books on this table {there were over 300 of them}, both old and new, across all genres, were on sale here for a nominal INR 50.We spotted a Nancy Drew mystery and a couple of travel guides too. Have a ball as you rummage through this pile and pick up books at a throwaway price.

The fun doesn’t end there. There are so many more books inside the store that you can pick up for a fraction of their actual costs. If it’s fiction you seek, there are tables full of them, from Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger to the entire Harry Potter series. You can even pick up their package deals, where you can buy a set of two or three books at nominal rates. We spotted the Twilight series bundled all together and sold for just INR 350 and a collection of Roald Dahl books as well. A collector’s edition of Calvin And Hobbes was also hiding in the corner of the store. If you’re looking for non-fiction reads and school textbooks, you will find them here. With rows of textbooks and study guides on chemistry to philosophy, you’re bound to find what you need here. Plus, look out for biographies on everyone from Steve Jobs to Nelson Mandela.


We should mention that the space is rather disorganised and you need to nose around for a bit before you find what you want but hey, that’s part of the fun. So if you’re looking to add a few more reads to your bookshelf without breaking the bank, head on down to Sampige Road and give this place a look-see.

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