There's A New Dance-Themed Cafe That Serves Quick Bites With A Side Of Kathak, Hip-Hop & Salsa

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Serving up food and culture combos, Rasa Cafe is part dance and performance space and part cafe. A great mix, we think!

What Makes It Awesome

Rasa Cafe has shimmied its way into our fair city. The dance-themed cafe is run by the Kalpavriksha Academy of Art and Learning, a school for arts and culture, and is all about promoting different dance forms by providing a space to showcase them and make it easily accessible to us all. Expect dance workshops, fresh new dance acts, musical guests (popular Kerala band Oorali performed at their opening).

What’s on the menu, you ask? The usual – sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, burgers and salads. Just your regular cafe bites, all priced between INR 100 to INR 150. And every day will have a new special dish, mostly in theme with the dance performance of the day. So if you’re in for a Mohiniyattam performance, some tasty Kerala food will be paired with it. The cafe is open from noon to 10pm, all week. Step in sometime in the evening to catch their dance performances. Keep a close eye on their Facebook page to keep up with their events.


Most of their events are free, however, do call them to check, especially for events conducted by bigger names.


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