Ten-Second Takeaway

Helping create a bit of Gujarat {at least with the food} right here in Whitefield is home catering outfit Rasoi Gharana. Expect dhokla, thepla, khakra and the works.

Flavours Of Gujarat

Restaurants in the city that offer Gujarati cuisine can be literally counted on our fingers. And most of them do a mix of Gujarati and Rajasthani food, served in the form of unlimited thalis. Which is why, when we found out about Chirag Kamdar and his catering business of dishing out Gujarati food, we were besides ourselves with joy. At LBB, we love ourselves some diversity and are partial to regional cuisine. And coming to our rescue is Rasoi Gharana, a catering and food delivery venture that specialises in Gujarati cuisine {along with some Maharashtrian delicacies}.

Started over two years ago by Chirag, the service is based in Whitefield {they operate right out of his home, in fact}. But, don’t let that deter you, because their food is really worth that trip. Headed by Chirag’s mother {helped by four cooks who were trained by her}, Rasoi Gharana offers everything from meals {lunch and dinner, available only in Whitefield} to regional specials. Sticking to authentic flavours, some of the ingredients used are sourced right from Mumbai, so, Chirag suggests that you place the order atleast 24 hours before it’s required.

Region To Eat

The soft and spongy Khaman Dhoklas {perfect if paired with their pudina chutney}, Khandvis, Patras {made with colocasia leaves which are not easily available in Bangalore} and Theplas {with dry mango achar and garlic chutney, to give you an interesting mix of flavours} are some of their must-try dishes. To replenish your stock for tea time snacks, there’s kadak puris and khakras along with Mumbai specials like vada pav and Bombay sandwich. Oh, and if your sweet tooth is craving for something homemade, go for their shrikhand, laddoos, gulab jamuns or gajar halwa. Got a favourite dish in mind {the signature Gujarati Undhiyu, perhaps}? Chirag will happily whip it up for you {depending on the availability of ingredients required, of course}. We love that the dishes are all prepared just in time to be delivered or picked up, so there’s no loss of freshness or taste.

Where: Block G1505, Brigade Metropolis, Whitefield {delivery is available within Whitefield, or orders can be collected by customers}

Contact: +91 9820356360

Price: INR 75 upwards for dishes, INR 125 for meals

Timings: 10.30am – 7.30pm