Tasty, Healthy, Easy To Eat: Everything You Need In A Breakfast & Snack Brand Is Here!

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What Makes It Awesome

You've heard it more than us and you've heard it right. Breakfast is king and the king deserves something that will keep his heart and system functioning better and for longer. Okay, we're going to spare you the gyaan and get straight to how this can be done. Two words: Nourish Organics. Our new fave breakfast and snack brand that has ready-to-eat deliciousness. 

This organic online food store, now available on LBB (whoopie!) should be your go-to if you're heading the healthy, organic, superfood and tasty route. They have a vast selection and interesting flavours combinations so brace yourselves.  For breakfast, there's Honey Crunch Muesli, Cranberry and Supergrain Granola and a high in fibre, omega-3's and plant protein Seeds and Nuts Muesli. What we are leaning towards is the 'Lean Muesli' packed with everything unprocessed, unrefined and makhanas and amaranth

Their snack options are heavenly. Trust us, the Almond Buckwheat and the Fig Amaranth Cookies is something that even the Cookie Monster would approve of. Don't fancy biscuits? Settle for an evening of Wasabi Poha or Tomato and Herb Flax Crackers. That's not all. The Apple and Oats bar is apple-lause worthy and so is the Lime Chia Bar. Nourish Organics also wins major brownie points for its many gluten-free and vegan options and prices start as low as INR 90 only.


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