Load Up On Old School Indo-Chinese Food At Red Lantern For Under INR 500

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A new Chinese and Thai restaurant on Cunningham Road, load up on old-school Indianised version of both cuisines when here. Or must order in.

Who Is It For?

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese fare, then look in the absolute opposite direction. You certainly won’t find it there. Red Lantern is just like how most of us like our Asian food — greasy, spicy and rather Indianised. So if you’re happy with comfort cuisine, then go here.

What Is The Ambience Like?

The typical red-black-white and with dragons dotting the walls, Red Lantern is the quintessential {or stereotypical} Chinese restaurant. There’s light 90s music playing the background, and with room for just about 25 people, it never gets too loud. Perfect for a quick meal before heading out to party, or after a long day at work.

Must Eat

Crispy Konjee Lamb, Chili Basil Chicken, Pepper Prawns, Gobi Manchurian

How Was The Experience?

In a world of MasterChef and gourmet food, there’s something comforting about eating wholesome, hearty, Indo-Chinese food. And if you’re around from before the noughties, you know that this kind of Chinese food will always trump the fancy fare. Service at the restaurant is swift, but when we ordered in, it took ages. We nearly cancelled. Food is good, however. They bring back old favourites with zing, and you’ll do well to stick to typical orders like Gobi Manchurian, Chili Basil Chicken {with actual basil} and fried rice.

The Crispy Konjee Lamb was truly outstanding — crisp on the outside and soft inside. Even the prawn was good, and wasn’t hidden under vegetables pretending to be shrimp. Portions are rather large here, so don’t over order on the first go. In fact, you’ll run up a bill of only about INR 500 to INR 700 for two.


The Thai section is good, but not as delicious as the Chinese offerings. That said, my family loved the Thai Green Curry – far from a real curry, but with enough tasty spices {and bamboo shoots} to keep you happy.