12 Seriously Cool Things To Buy From Red Polka, Under INR 1,000

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We’re all about the quirk, here at LBB. And when we can get funky things on a budget, it makes us that much more happy! Mumbai-based Red Polka has a gorgeous range of apparel, shoes, accessories and even home decor, but here are a few of our favourite things, all at a budget!

Owlistic Mugs

These mugs featuring abstract and quirky owls can make your mundane Monday mornings 10x more blissful. Plus they’ll look so pretty just sitting on your table.

Price: INR 680

Buy it online here.

Green Hand Mirror

Hate turning on your selfie camera to see if your make-up is on point even after six hours? This green mirror made with sheesham wood is so stylish, and it definitely works better than your camera. Also, no batteries required, guys!

Price: INR 450

Buy it online here.

Umbrella Hooks

No better time to get these when everyday is nothing less than a shower story. Get into the monsoon mood with these pretty umbrella hooks that you can use to hang your keys, clothes and even necklaces and anklets that you wear frequently.

Price: INR 203

Buy it online here

Leaf Bowl

Here’s a bowl in the shape of a leaf. Use this as for fruits or as a holder for your favourite collectibles. This is not just a pretty sight, although you can totally use it for just that as well.

Price: INR 510

Buy it online here.

Keep On Going Multicolour Notepad

Colourful stationery makes us so happy! And this multi-coloured notebook is totally inspiring us on a gloomy, overcast day like this.

Price: INR 349

Buy it online here.

Rose Print Mug

Bringing back the vintage feels, this mug! We can only imagine how beautiful our tea is going to taste in this one. Hmmm.

Price: INR 450

Buy it online here.

Terracotta Agarbatti Bottle

If incense sticks and earthy fragrances are a thing in your house, this terracotta bottle will add tons of flavour to your decor.

Price: INR 820

Buy it online here.

Daily Brad Coasters

No, wait! Don’t eat them. They’re just coasters for your mugs and cups. But if you’re feeling very inclined, go ahead, use it as a saucer for your bread if you will.

Price: INR 399

Buy it online here.

Botanical Tray

Fancy up your kitchenware with this pretty tray in yellow and white. We’re thinking we want some fresh O.J. served on this. So much yum!

Price: INR 999

Buy it online here.

Pisces Cushion Cover

If you’re Pisces, don’t even think twice, just get it {of course, only if you’re a believer of the sun signs}. And even if you’re not, it’s still really worth owning. Or gift it to a friend who would be overjoyed receiving this.

Price: INR 850

Buy it online here.


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