Watermelon Key Chains To Unicorn Badges: You'll Love This Artist's Cutesy Crochet Designs

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For all things cute and crochet, Remeslo is your go-to brand. From unicorn badges and watermelon earrings to zebra keychains and Aztec-style bowties, there's a whole collection of crochet designs waiting for you! 

What Makes It Awesome

Amigurumi toys, headbands and bowties, badges,  brooch pins, bags, keychains, bookmarks, and hairpins -- all made from crochet are what Remeslo is all about. There's that instant urge to buy everything just because they are so cute and colourful and adds that extra bit of zing to your outfit, look, or your space. Yup, the amigurumi toys, which is basically the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures can find their way to your desk, coffee table, and just about anywhere! Mice, dolls, unicorns, lions, pigs, and dogs all feature as designs! 

Oh, and since, Padmini, the lady behind the brand is into animation, you will also see she does a bit of animation-inspired toys -- think Snoopy and Mr. Bowtruckle from Fantastic Beasts. We are totally digging them toys if you didn't get the drift! If the toys steal your heart, wait till you see the collection of bookmarks, bowties, and accessories like headbands and earrings that feature equally cutesy designs. Badges, pins, keychains, and bags all get the crochet treatment in the most unique and colourful designs. So much so that you probably won't use them just cause they are so darn cute and you don't want it getting dirty!  


Remeslo does only limited collection of each product, so you really got to keep your eyes open (basically follow her on Instagram) to get dibs on the new set. Early bird gets the worm (bookmark)!  You can DM her on Instagram for placing orders and customisations. 


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