Is The Summer Heat Getting To You? Keep Cool And Rent ACs From These City Shops

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For those of you frying at home without an AC in this excruciating summer, we bring good tidings. A lot of us Bangaloreans think twice about getting an AC since we don’t need it for most of the year {as of now}. Because, let’s face it, once the rains start, our beautiful city will be blessed with glorious weather. If you want to make a short investment, then we are here to point you towards the nearest cooler. Who would need an AC then? A few places in the city do rent out ACs on a monthly basis, and we’ve dug them up for you so that you don’t melt away in this sweltering heat.

Adam Furnishers

One of the best-known names in the city for renting all kinds of stuff — from cutlery to cots, Adam’s Furnishers is ready to help you out with ACs as well. You can hire portable ACs for INR 5,000 per month but you’ll have to make a refundable deposit that amounts to two months of rent INR 10,000. Also, while they do make doorstep deliveries, you’ll have to pay for transport.


Rentomojo is your one-stop shop for all your rental needs. We've rented out most of our furniture and appliances from them since the start of the pandemic. You can rent out split ACs from them for a period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. There's a refundable deposit that you need to pay while renting out the AC. The rental charges per month start at INR 2,049. The team at Rentomojo offers doorstep delivery, installation, repairs and maintenance. 


Guarented is an online rental platform where you can log in create an account and register yourself to rent pretty much everything from ACs to furniture and OTGs to TVs. You can rent out split ACs that are either 1 tonne or 2 tonne for 12 months. The per month charges start at INR 1,100. They have doorstep delivery and installation charges are extra. 


Furlenco is another online rental platform that we use to rent our furniture and home appliances. Along with washing machines and LED smart TVs, you can also rent split ACs from Furlenco. We spotted a couple of options when we were browsing through their website and all of them are split ACs. The per month charges start at INR 1,720 and you can rent for a period of 6 or 12 months. Installation can also be arranged.