Shaken Not Stirred: You Can Hire A Bartender For Your House Parties For INR 5000!

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Tulleeho will keep the drinks flowing 'profesh' style at your house party. And for just INR 5,000, your mixologist will stick around all night/day long!

What Makes It Awesome

If there’s one reason someone can complain about house parties, it is the repetitive round of drinks which we’re either chugging or sipping on all night long! Our good old friend, the beer and preferred hard liquor mixed with the regular old soda or coke, we really mean the cola guys! Well, Tulleeho (we’re loving the name. It's pronounced talli ho) is ready to solve this problem, by providing you with professional bartenders you can hire for the event. YES, someone who will make your drinks at your parties, without spilling them everywhere, and making random concoctions. Don’t be surprised if someone like Tom Cruise from Cocktail steals the show by impressing at your party. You can also use their services for corporate events and other personal events as well. Don't expect the Coyote Ugly ladies though. Not just yet, at least!

All of their bartenders are certified from the Tulleeho Bartending Academy. The charges however depend on the size and nature of the party. Although on enquiring, we found out that the basic charges start at INR 5,500 plus taxes. We definitely think, it’s completely worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Throw the coolest house party, and make sure you invite us too!


Plan and book in advance, because they tend to run out of mixologists very soon.