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Skip The Cabs And Rent A Scooter For 30 Paise Per Minute With This Rental Service

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Renting a scooter is as easy as riding one, thanks to Rentongo. And to make things more interesting, you can rent one for as low as 30 paise per minute and INR 3 per kilometre.

In Rentals, We Trust

If you think of it, riding a scooter to work is a whole lot easier than having to wait for a cab and pay a bomb later {given how expensive cabs have become now}. Seems like the folks at Rentongo also think the same. And luckily for us, they made the renting quite easy and super budget-friendly. Basically, you are charged on an hourly and distance basis with the rental charges priced at INR 3 per kilometre and 30 paise per minute. Now, we did the math so that we can put a finger on how much we would pay for a one-hour journey of 10 kilometres. Turns out you will only pay INR 48 {INR 18 hourly charges + INR 30 distance charges}. And the best part? All these charges are inclusive of petrol. Yes, you don’t have to bother about fuelling up.

Now, INR 48 sounded too dreamy for us, so we checked the cab fare from Indiranagar Metro Station to Forum Mall {which is about 8 km}. Both these are locations where you can rent a scooter from Rentongo. According to Google Maps, the duration of the journey showed 41 minutes, so putting Rentongo’s rental charges against the average cab fare of approximately INR 60 for share and INR 170 for regular, we got a cool INR 36.3 for the journey. If that’s not saving cash, we don’t know what is. Do note, the screenshots attached above were taken during the time of publishing this recommendation.

Rent And Go

Rather easy to use and hassle-free, you need to have a valid DL to rent a scooter and you can head to any of locations these guys are at {check out the locations here} and pick up your scooter. The drop-off location can be the same as pick up or any other locations where they are present at. Your rental charges are inclusive of free fuel, two helmets, and shower caps for hygienic purposes {we laughed, but we’re secretly thankful!}. Or you could bring your own helmet. The operational timings at all the hubs are 9 am to 9 pm and you need to pay INR 500 upfront as a deposit. Your charges are deducted from the deposit and the remaining amount is refunded when you drop off the scooter.

Contact: 080-39511832