Waterfalls, Wildlife And Massages: Here's Where To Stay In Wayanad Across Budgets

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Wayanad is an oasis of calm, wildlife and tropical rain forests. It is also an ideal getaway for all city dwellers who want to escape the crazy crowds and unending traffic. What’s lovely about this little piece of happiness in Kerala, is that it’s got something for everyone. Want to trek and ride coracles? Sorted. Prefer soothing massages and wallowing in a pool? Done. Want them both, in the same resort? We’ve got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? 

Oxyfarm Resorts

On the Periyar Reserved Forest lines, this earthy resort is all about taking in the fresh jungle air, quite literally. Stone cottages of different sorts welcome you, and you can choose larger family ones or even quiet, smaller ones If it’s an intimate getaway. Overlooking mountains and tea plantations, you’ll want to spend most of your time outdoors – learning the local way of life from villagers, trekking, practicing archery or just lying on the lawns reading a book. Did we mention they only offer organic food here?

Jungle Retreat

Set on a 10 acre farm, smack in the middle of the jungle, we love this homestay because it even has a watering hole. And you know what that mean? Animals will meander in and out of the property for a drink of water. Just sitting on your balcony, you’ll spot plenty of wildlife. The few rooms and cottages on offer are homely and comfortable so don’t expect fancy. But what’s luxury when you can see tigers with cubs on the farm itself!

Blue Ginger Spa Resorts

With luxury rooms, cottages, a soothing spa, infinity pool and plenty of outdoor activities on the cards for you, Blue Ginger Spa is a fine getaway from city life. But the highlight here is the waterfall and natural pool which in on the resort grounds. What more can you ask for?

Covid-19 Update: The resort is temporarily shut.

Banasura Hill Resort

Touted to be India’s only completely eco-friendly and earth resort, the whole place is made from mud, and we love it. Rooms and cottages are earthen keeping you cool even in summer. And don’t think that rustic means it’s not modern. Kitted out with TVs, swanky bathrooms and a view of the forest, it’s struck that ideal balance. There’s also log cabins in keeping with the earth theme, you can holiday, guilt free!

Petals Resort

Location, location, location, rings very true of this cool resort. With stunning views of the surrounding Banasura hills and the dam below, Petals is small and chic, offering eight cottages – either heritage villas with more homey feel or contemporary cottages which look and feel like swish penthouses. There’s also a very tempting infinity pool which looks over the valley. For those who like cooking, Kerala cuisine comes alive in the kitchen show, which will add theatrics to age old recipes. Don’t miss it.

Rain Country Resorts

Situated on the lush hills of the rain forests in Lakkidi, Kerala-style cottages, a natural pool, chirping birds and a serene atmosphere is what you check into at this resort. Secluded from civilisation, you’ll just about get cell reception but with treks, fishing, bird watching and nature walks to keep you entertained, who needs it anyway!

Covid-19 Update: The resort will be open to guests in October 2020.

Coffea Aroma Resort

At the foothills of the Chembara Peak (the highest in Wayanad), this lovely jungle-themed resort has tree houses, mud cottages, honeymoon homes and even tents for you to choose from, depending on your rough-it-out levels. A waterfall and stream run through the 10-acres of coffee plantation here, with a natural pool waiting for you to jump into. If water’s not your think, a trek up the mountain might get you in the mood. Kerala food is served here, so gear up for wholesome food fresh from the garden, and of course, fish.

Wayanad Silverwoods

We’ve already raved about this place here, but we do love the location of the resort – on the banks of Banasura Sagar Dam. Then, throw in an infinity pool, charming heritage-style cottages, a spa, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Covid-19 Update: The resort is temporarily shut.

Windflower Resort And Spa

We’re rather in love with this resort. Hidden under a canopy of tropical trees, Kerala-style cottages and wood-dominated rooms give it a warm feel, but you’ll still feel cool thanks to the high ceilings. In addition to lazing around in the pool, get your fill of zip-lining, trekking, bamboo rafting, and if you like, even mountain biking. But for the most part, we like going from massage to the other at their Ayurvedic Spa. Yup, there’s 22 treatments on offer, so no dearth at all.

Ayurveda Yoga Villa

In the heart of Wayanad, this is a different kind of space and is perfect for anyone wanting to explore yoga, kalari and Ayurveda on a deeper level. With wooden cottages, either on the banks of the river Kabini, or on the massive organic farm, you’re welcome to stay long enough to learn all of the arts and crafts. Plus, learn how to run an organic farm, and cook vegetarian meals that are healthy too.

Seagot Banasura

Sure there’s luxury cottage at this resort, but when you’ve had enough of the high life and want to reconnect with nature, pick the tents. Located on the Banasura dam, sunsets, archery, treks on campus and even zip-lining and even fishing.

Vythiri Village Resort

Hanging bridges, tree houses, and cottages on stilts – there’s nothing you won’t love here. If you don’t want to just roll from one Ayurveda massage to another, hit up the swimming pool. Or even better, go to the natural pool with a waterfall to chill under. Leave some time to just lounge on your balcony, overlooking the river that runs through the property. It’s so relaxing, you’ll never want to return.


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