Re/Space: Artists Redesign An Office Using Art Installations

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A group of national and international artists come together to design an office space. And they’re hoping it might just rekindle your creativity and motivate you to work harder. Plus, it’s open to public.

Re-imagining spaces

Located near ITPL (Whitefield), Kstart – an initiative by the venture capital firm, Kalaari, to fund seed stage companies – is an incubator for startups. While this might not seem interesting enough to warrant your attention, we suggest you step inside and let the place speak for itself. In an attempt to create a fun and interactive office space that breeds creativity, the firm roped in a bunch of artists, and the result is what you can see at Kstart.

Artists at work

The group behind the innovative project, titled Re/Space, includes Raghava KK (the New York-based artist from Bangalore), Shilo Shiv Suleman (city-based artist known for the Fearless Collective and her street art), Sean Stevens (a US-based installation artist who combines technology and art), Nikhil More (a Pune-based artist) and Pallavi Sen (a Mumbai-based artist who works with fabric), among others.

Art all around

While the project involves concepts of engineering, technology, science and architecture (apart from art, of course), the works are divided into different series, all prefixed with the word ‘Re’. So, expect installations like Re/Flect (featuring mirrors), Re/Cycle (made with recycled fabric and materials, by Pallavi Sen) and Re/St (which has interactive installation by Sean). Look out for the meditation rooms, conceptualised by Shilo to “channel the forces of nature into small light installations”, giving you the effect of clouds passing above, wind blowing or the sound of the ocean. We’re also eager to check out the interactive LED wall which is based on concepts of hacking as well as the Speaking Tree, in which the leaves light up if you speak under it.

Where: Kstart, Kalaari Capital, Ground Floor, Unit 2, ITPB, Whitefield Road

When: Open from February 5. The show is open to the public.

Contact: 080 67159600


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