Restaurants To Check Out On Koramangala’s Someshwara Temple Road

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Talk about packing a punch! A quiet, winding alley in Koramangala, the Someshwara Temple Road has food for every sort of palate. Just off the neighbourhood’s busy 1st Main Road, this street is packed with pubs, restaurants serving regional cuisine, French cafes, and snack stations. Many of these are easy on the pocket and if you are working at the nearby Bosch {the back gate opens onto the road} you can easily explore the street for lunch options. In the spirit of giving you as many choices as possible, we are also including restaurants that are super-close to the main temple road. LBB goes on a food pilgrimage across Koramangala’s Someshwara Temple Road.

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Maria’s Goan Kitchen

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Lot Like Crepes

Indy Hop

Piping hot tea and a plate of pakoras, on your mind? Then, look no further than Indy HOP {HOP stands for House of Pakoras, by the way}. You can sink your teeth into the tried-and-tested onion pakoras, aloo bondas, and masala vadas that will add extra crunch to your day. If you are looking for something different, then, the palak or paneer pakodas, Jodhpuri mirchi vadas, and mushroom fritters should keep you good company. Parathas and rolls also make their presence felt on the menu.


Pork for the win at this restaurant that celebrates Naga cuisine {they have a smattering of Chinese treats too}. Start off with their devilishly delicious Smoked Pork Ribs before moving on to their Black Sesame Pork {Anishe Pork, it’s called}, or their Grilled Pork cooked with fresh, bamboo shoots. Their homemade chutneys are winners too!


This no-frills restaurant focuses its entire energies on giving you a homely Bengali meal. Their prawn dishes, in particular, are fantastic. We recommend you order the Prawn Kobiraji, a cutlet that’s coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. There’s also Chingri Poshto {prawns dressed up in a poppy-seed paste} and the Lau Chingri {where the prawn are cooked along with gourd} that deserves your attention.

Lot Like Crepes

This much-loved joint serves up a variety of sweet and savoury crepes that will please you no end. Settle into the colourful but compact surroundings and dig your fork into delicate crepes featuring spicy pesto and chicken, or mushrooms and cheese, or good old paneer. On the sweeter side of things, bananas, Nutella, kiwis, and toffee join forces to cater to your sugary cravings.

Friend's Cafe

One of the oldest hangouts in this part of the city, Friends offers comfort food at its best. Swing by here with your gang of pals and take your pick from their lineup of burgers, steaks, and pasta. Finish off with their special sundaes like the Naughty Nutty {made with almond and butterscotch ice cream along with cake and nuts} or the Chocolate Fudge, that can never be a wrong choice.


A cosy, beer pub that’s old-school, everything on Jukebox’s expansive menu will go perfectly with your mug of ale. Start off with bar favourites like chicken kababs, peanut masala, and paneer tikka. You can then move on to chicken steaks, beef stroganoff, and Fish n Chips. They also have Parsi classics, if you are interested.


It’s Assam on a plate at this compact restaurant, that’s right next to Jukebox. Their wholesome thalis include the best that the cuisine has to offer and you can choose between vegetarian, chicken, mutton, fish and pork versions. Their Khorikat Pura Gahori {where pieces of pork are grilled to a juicy tenderness in bamboo shoots}, Bor Tenga {a light, savoury curry made with fritters}, and their mashed Aloo Pithika are the other stars on the menu.

Maria’s Goan Kitchen

Homely, Goan delicacies will leave you with a happy tummy at this small restaurant. Run by a Goan couple, you can count on authentic flavours here. The pork sausages, beef roast, and their rava fish fry make for excellent starters. For mains, you can stick with the Vindaloos and Xacutis on the menu before mopping up slices of the sweet Bebinca.


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