Craft Beer, Steaks, And Vegetarian Delicacies: Hit Up These Restaurants On Sarjapur Road

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If you are working in and around Bellandur and Sarjapur area, chances are that your lunch scenes, after work scenes, and pretty much all kinds of scenes happen in and around the kingdom of Outer Ring Road. No matter what your reason, these restaurants on Sarjapur Road offer you some of the best grub as well as glug. We have picked out our favourites from the menu at these restaurants and breweries so that you do have to. Enjoy the next time you are putting one scene!

The Fisherman's Wharf

Spacious al fresco seating wins at this Goan chain of seafood gastro bar. Big lunch buffets on weekdays, Goan food made using fresh catches — crabs, lobster, Pomfret, and what not, and a cocktails menu make it a top favourite. Do try their jumbo prawns cooked in Goan Recheado masala; it’s as close to Goa it can get. Or order the Pomfret in butter garlic sauce (heavenly). We also love the Goan Chorizo Biryani. Drinkies include a Mexican-inspired Margherita menu that includes Jalisco Pina, a charred roasted pineapple ginger drink and Chocolate Chica, which gets a rather sweet note.

Big Brewsky

Monday noon or Sunday brunch, Big Brewsky is always packed. Their Sunday brunches are an all-out affair with music, activities, and all kinds of live counters doing everything from pasta to pani puri. Their German Hefeweizen and Belgian Wit come highly recommended. Our recommended cocktails include The Good Wife, a Margherita that favours grapefruit juice, and The Great Pretender, Big Brewsky’s take on a classic Whiskey Sour. Come evenings, the poolside dining and that rustic castle-like ambience is perfect for date nights or scenes with the squad. Big Brewsky Signature Nachos, Trio of French Fries, Signature Sausage Platter, African Suya Chicken Kebab, and wood-fired pizzas come highly recommended.

Rural Blues

The Santorini-inspired decor is something that you will easily fall in love with at Rural Blues. Perfect for date nights, the al fresco space comes alive once the sun sets. Live music in the evenings should see to your after work entertainment sorted while cocktails such as Sky Fall (vodka + fresh cream + choco syrups) and the tequila-rum-gin-based Rural Strong should keep things high and happy. The Frito Misto which is stir-fried vegetables in a sweet chilli sauce is the best of the lot. Karuveppilai Murgh Tikka and Jamaican Jerk Chops for starters while mains can be a mean New York Pepper Steak or BBQ Pork Ribs. Or you could go for the North Indian fare.

La Casa Brewery

At the industrial meets chic-looking microbrewery of La Casa, five brews are on tap. Villa Weissbier and Bangalore Hurricane, an IPA to start things. Cocktails are classic with Bloody Mary for anyone looking to spice things up. You can pick from the rooftop seating or the garden seating for rustic vibes with cosy nooks guaranteed. Last time we checked, the menu was global with Chilli Con Carne, Spanish Omelette, and Pork Ribs with Spanish BBQ, all winners for us. For them porkies, there’s Coorg and Mangalorean-style pork preparation along with all-time favourites Tandoori Chicken and Grilled Paneer Shaslik. Pizzas keep things all comfortable and bar fare!

Little Italy

Craving pasta? Or a good risotto? Nothing like Little Italy’s all-vegetarian affair to sort you out. Sure, it’s a vegetarian only place, but their wood-fired pizzas and cheese-loaded lasagna are something that we, hardcore meat eaters, swear by. Throw in those delectable desserts, and you will see us making a beeline to Little Italy every other day for lunch or date nights. They have lunch buffets, if you are planning team lunches.


With all the pasta and kebabs that we have asked you to try, Kanua ditches all those ‘Conti’ and ‘Northie’ dishes for Konkan and Mangalorean seafood specialities. Dip your neer dosa in Yetti Pahna Upkari, a hot as hell prawn curry, or go for the ghee roasts! Zalke Pulimunchi is our go-to curry which features the fresh catch of the day. Kanua Chicken Biryani for those who can’t do without their rice and Gawanche Chicken Curry, which comes with groundnut paste and green chilis go well with sannas and white rice.


Ah, nothing like an Andhra meal to get rid off all hunger pangs and well, leave you feeling sleepy. Our litmus test when we go to any Andhra restaurants is ordering their Guntur Chicken. Vandana passes with flying colours as it the right (a lot!) kind of spicy for us. Chicken Biryani in Andhra style any day over the Hyderabadi style for us while Mutton Biryani for those who actually like meat and find chicken to be inauthentic. Sholay Kebab and Prawn Pepper Fry work as brilliant compliments to your meals or biryani. We say skip the entire North Indian section unless you prefer roti or naan for your meals.


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