Aakanksha posted on 21st February

Breakfast To Beer: Eat Your Way Through The Eateries At Skywalk On Assaye Road

All of us who lived in Frazer Town, Ulsoor, Jayamahal, Richard’s Town and nearby, always complained that we had to go too far for good food and fun. And then, like an answered prayer, out of the blue came Skywalk on Assaye Road. Starting out with Smally’s and Watson, this building now has a whopping 10 eateries to indulge in. Naturally, we’ve eaten our way from the lower ground floor all the way to the fourth floor, and here’s what we have to report!

Smally’s Resto Café

The original tiny restaurant in the city, Smally’s was the first eatery in this building. Still good for their steaks — with potato chips no less, milk shakes {surely you’ve tried their Brownie Shake?} and burgers, skip into this place for fuss-free fast food. But be prepared to wait, and it’s exactly like its name suggests — very, very small!

Just Shawarma

Here it’s either got to be the Just Shawarma {JS} Shawarma, Whole Meat Shawarma, Malgaoum Shawarma or Shawarma On Your Plate. Why? Because that is the only things on the mini menu! The JS Shawarma is our top and comes with fries and yummy toum — the traditional garlic dipping sauce.


Another original, we love Watsons for the breezy and easygoing vibes of old-school masala peanuts, draft beer on tap and rock music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Food is a mix of Bangalore favourites ranging from kathi rolls, pizzas and a smattering of Chinese. But who needs all that when there’s the Chicken Tikkas, Chilli Chickens and Cheesy Cigars of the world on offer.

Slice Of Heaven

Homely Italian fare is what you could expect here. But we mean that in a good way. The pastas are done just right {Pasta Pollo E Fungi which is penne in a cheesy mushroom sauce with chicken, won our hearts}, and the risotto and Prawn In Pesto Sauce is a must-eat. Make sure to leave room for dessert as they have a whopping 60 sorts of brownies and a rather glorious tiramisu.


Right, let’s break it to you. Apart from Watson, the other restaurants and cafes in this building are small, so don’t go judging Lemirado by its size either — the food is ace. We like to stick to nibbles and sandwiches here. The Cheese And Chicken Vol Au Vent are light and fluffy, the Club Sandwiches loaded with fillings and plenty of fries on the side is an ideal comfort dish and we also like the Burmese Khow Suey though it’s not entirely authentic. We do love their varied drinks selection — Masala Chaas and Kala Khatta to milkshakes and lemonade.

Painted Platters

Want freshly baked breads and desserts to go? This is your go-to place. We vouch for the flaky chicken pie that also oozes dreamy cheese. But hey, who needs all that when you have a divine Chocolate Mud Pie and Chocolate Charlotte {a biscuit base then layered with chocolate mousse and brownie chunks} in a jar! Read more about it here.


How we love ourselves some greasy, Indian Chinese food. Our favourites here include Salt Pepper Prawn, Chicken In Black Bean Sauce and the Krispy Konjee Lamb. For those around from the 90s and before, they have Dragon Rolls. Oh yes they do!

The Winking Macaron

Go here for all things baked from bread to cakes. Of course, macarons are their main focus, but you guessed that already didn’t you! They also do cakes for occasions, on order.