Sing Karaoke, Play A Game Or Read Books: Go Beyond Just Eating At These Places In Koramangala

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Are you bored of just going to a bar or restaurant, ordering food and drinks, and leaving within an hour? Yeah, thought as much! But if you choose wisely, you’ll find there are enough places to really sit back, relax and unwind with music, board games and even politics. Here are a few places in Koramangala that go beyond just food and drink.

Watch A Play At Atta Galatta

Storytelling sessions, book readings, plays and over 35,000 books are on the culture menu at Atta Galatta, while sandwiches, burgers, Maggi and coffee are on the F&B menu. Ideal if you want to get your fill of culture and a quick cuppa, this place is quiet and cosy enough even for a good old catch up. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for events like film screenings and workshops too.

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Talk Politics At Indian Coffee House

OK, maybe not only politics, but ICH is a great place to listen {or rather eavesdrop} into people’s conversation about everything from who will the next election to what art exhibition to catch in town. And how can you say no to interesting chatter when a mutton cutlet is usually thrown into the mix.

Play {Board} Games At Dice And Dine

This place is all about eat-drink-play-repeat. And they have over 450 games to keep your senses and vocabulary sharp. That may prove daunting and so they have knowledgeable staff who will get a sense of your time frame, experiences, and interests to recommend and get you started on a game. Don’t worry though, you’ll still see some of your childhood favorites that you grew up with. Mixed in with Monopoly, Scrabble and Word On The Street, they also have new winners like Settlers of Catan, Sushi-Go and Cards Against Humanity {this one’s a real hoot!}. Pair this with a Cafe Latte or an Irish Mocha, baby corn fritters, rectangular pizzas and Mozzarella Bread {yes, cheesy bread!}, and you’ve got an of good food, drink and friendly competition.

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Eat, Drink, And Karaoke At Indigo XP

Over at this funky bar, music takes centre stage. And with a 3D projector mapping some trippy patterns and music for company, there’s always a happy vibe here. There’s usually a live band playing here, and if not, then a DJ will have you swaying, salsa-ing, shimmying and whatever kind of dance you’re into! They also have Karaoke nights on Wednesday which means line up the squad, gather your courage {or do shots, whichever works}, and belt out those tunes till kingdom comes or the crowd throws you out! Their cocktails are pretty clever as well; think Seven Sultans Of Swing {vodka, gin, tequila, white rum, Triple Sec, Martini Rosso port wine with cola} and Kiwin Me Softly {kiwi with plenty of gin}. It’s Tomorrowland right in the city, y’all!

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Meet A Drama King At HELLO Paanwala

If there was an award for smooth-talking, the Hello Paanwala owner would win it! Located opposite Hotel Empire, this kiosk has flashy neon lights and an eccentric paanwala waiting to catch your eye and uniquely say ‘Hello’, in the most amusing tone, everytime you go there. He’ll make you a paan with great drama and show, but it’s his witty one-liners you want to watch out for. He likes to put the paan in your mouth sometimes as it can be a messy affair, so be warned. Quite the harmless flirt, it’s a great experience and ideal for some Instagrammable entertainment.

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