Learn The Finer Things Of Life At The Iconic Rhythms: Institute Of Fine Arts

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Created with the sole aim of promoting fine arts among the youth, Rhythms is all about music, dance, art and the free spirit. Plus, it is quite a Bangalore institution.

Finer Things Of Life

How many of you wish you had taken music up and your profession? Or dance? Or painting? I am going to go with ‘many’ as the answer. And while it’s taken a while for the community to come to terms with art being a profession, Rhythms — with seven branches across the city, has been waving this flag since 1996. Kicking off two decades ago, founder Vishwanath Prasad H dedicated the first Rhythms Studio in Kumara Park West to his father, K. S. Hazari Prasad. Other other outlets too are named for maestros in the music, art and dance fields.

Pitch Perfect

What is most amazing about this place isn’t only that you can’t find a single stream of art that isn’t taught. It’s that if you want to learn anything, they’ll find you someone who’ll teach it! So from sitar and table classes to mridangam and flute, there’s a session for you. More into the western music front? Fear not all you aspiring Eric Claptons, Vanessa Mae and Charlie Puths. Guitar, drums, pad, violin or keyboards, you can sign-up to learn any {or all} of these instruments.

Think You Can Dance?

Naturally, dance being an integral part of the fine arts umbrella, you can unleash your inner diva at classical or fusion dance classes. Yoga and bharatnatyam, too find pride of place here. We secretly have our hearts set on the Bollywood and Party Dance sessions. See you there, maybe?

Hands On

For the DaVincis, Michaelangelos and Raphaels {the artists NOT the turtles} you can look forward to charcoal or traditional painting or drawing courses through the year. Oh! And did we mention metal embossing and even soft toy making. How’s that for cool? Sign-up already!


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