You Will Love The Anda Andar Bahar Concept Roll Of This Bengali Joint In Jeevan Bhima Nagar

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Roll Er Dokaan, which literally means a roll shop in Bengali, is the newest eatery on Jeevan Bhima Nagar that makes Kolkata-style kathi rolls. Apart from classics, they do have some interesting eggy variations.

On A Roll

Roll Er Dokaan does Kolkata-style kathi rolls in classic versions such as egg, chicken, mutton and vegetarian ones like the aloo, aloo capsicum and paneer. You could take your pick of having the paratha minus eggs, or with a single egg, double egg, or the eatery’s fun concept of Anda Andar Bahar, which means, the paratha is layered with an egg outside as well as inside, making this quite the heavy duty roll.

We tried the Anda Andar Bahar Chicken Roll. The roll came stuffed with chicken tikkas, lots of crunchy onions, green chillies, capsicum {a bit of sacrilege this, in a Kolkata roll}, a really spicy green chutney and a dash of lime. The roll is huge and can be easily shared by two people. the eggy layers outside and inside, made the roll even tastier than usual.

If you want to make your roll, even more crazy good, you could add an extra egg, cheese, chicken, mutton or paneer bits, all for a small extra sum. For healthy eaters, there’s also the option of choosing a wheat paratha instead of a maida one.


Roll Er Dokaan is also on Swiggy.


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