Treat Bae At These Lovey Dovey Restaurants In Indiranagar

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Nervous about that big date? Or have you got an anniversary coming up? As usual, LBB has got your back. We searched high and low for the most romantic restaurants in the buzzing Indiranagar neighbourhood, and here they are. If these spots don’t floor your date, we don’t know what will.

Sly Granny

With a fun and eccentric vibe, Sly Granny looks like the house of the coolest granny alive. How’s that romantic, you ask? Well, think art at every corner, fancy stairways, a rooftop space, delicious gourmet dishes and boozy cocktails. They’ve got an indoor dining space too, but if you’re looking to impress bae, we think you should head straight to their terrace. With a 500 Days of Summer vibe, get lost in conversation with your date under the stars.


Located on Indiranagar’s 6th Main Road, Forage also feels like someone’s chic-but-intimate home. Beautifully decorated with colourful couches, statement rugs on their simple floors and lamps all around to create the perfect mood lighting, love is in the air. With an indoor space, that’s more like a cafe (perfect for casual first dates) and an outdoor area that’s just the spot for alfresco dining over a glass of wine, tuck into their delicious California-style food, in between exchanging sweet nothings while you’re here.

Teal Door Cafe

Keep it pretty and casual at Teal Door Cafe, which also has indoor and al fresco seating options. Get to know each other over a hot cuppa and their yummy Prawn Ghee Roast, or down their OTT shakes, that work as a meal on their own. The red-brick wall facade, the colourful garden furniture you can sit on outside, their comfy booths with green sofas, and their big glass windows all add oodles of romantic charm to the atmosphere, without being too in your face. The mismatched setup with different furniture and seating only further adds to its allure.

Bombay Brasserie

Drawing inspiration from the most romantic culture in the world, Bombay Brasserie is set up like French-style brasseries and is done up in tons of blues, whites and wooden accents. Now throw in coloured tiled floors, wooden furniture, pretty ceiling lamps and paintings on the wall, and you’ve got yourself a dreamy setting for that special date. With Indian cuisine dominating the menu, feast on Aam Papad Paneer, Mario’s Mango Prawns and classics like Dum Ke Kali Dal. This should take care of all those butterflies in your stomach.

Phobidden Fruit

One of the first stand-alone restaurants to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the city, Phobidden Fruit has been going strong for many years now. Walk in to find warm lighting, plants, wooden picnic tables and benches, and an inside seating area here. Choose from their Green Papaya Salad, Banh Mi or a filling bowl of Pho and you can easily spend a romantic couple of hours with bae here.


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