Bangalore’s Best Trigger Happy Photogs To Rope in for your Wedding


    Your wedding lasts a day but you’ll want the memories to span a lifetime. To ensure that your fairytale wedding has a picture perfect finish, Bangalore’s wedding photographers are pulling out all the stops. We introduce you to the city’s leading, candid photographers who’ll add gloss to your big day.

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    Anup Kattukaran

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    Vaijayanti Varma

    Anup Kattukaran

    An unabashed love for the happiness that surrounds weddings and the promise of delicious plates of food drew Anup to wedding photography. Today, he’s acknowledged to be a leading talent and is known for his out-of-the-box style. Anup knows how to bring the quirky to intimate moments with underwater and concept shoots, that’ll have you, umbrellas, and what not suspended in mid-air.

    Price: Starts at INR 1,00,000 per day

    Contact:  + 91 9886754941 or email

    Neeta Shankar

    While working a corporate job, curiosity led Neeta Shankar to pick up the camera and since then there has been no looking back. Along with her husband, Varun Giridhara, Neeta travels through India ensuring that your big day is rendered timeless through her lens.

    Price: Starts at INR 1,00,000 per day

    Contact: +91 9980923130 or

    Nishant Ratnakar

    A documentary photographer and visual storyteller, Nishant mines his vast experience in photojournalism and portraiture to capture your wedding. After meeting up with the couple and, sometimes even, their closest circle of family and friends, Nishant gets to know them and becomes an insider at the festivities to ensure that he captures the intimacy of your wedding.

    Price: Starts at INR 55,000

    Contact: Get in touch here.

    Claude Loren

    Biotechnologist-turned-photographer, Claude Loren travels the world {he’s been to Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, and Dubai} in pursuit of capturing “time capsules” through his lens. He loves that his viewfinder lets him view the world just the way he wants to and uses his unique take to photograph every special, naughty, joyful, tearful moment of your special day.

    Price: Starts at INR 75,000 per day

    Contact: +91 +919740836855 or

    Lucky Malhotra

    At an early age, Lucky knew that he was meant to be a photographer. Chasing his dream has landed him prestigious gigs with the likes of Elle, Conde Nast Traveller, and other leading magazines. While he takes on limited wedding projects, Lucky’s keen eye for capturing the often ignored yet quietly beautiful moments of the day has left many couples, and their families, very happy.

    Price: Start INR 1,00,000 per day

    Contact: +91 9945000119 or

    Saneesh Sukumaran

    As a kid, Saneesh often thought of the camera as a magic machine that created wonders. And after all these years, travelling across the globe, Saneesh says that his opinion has not changed. He still uses his trusted magic machine to create snapshots of your wedding and its unique story.

    Price: Start INR 1,00,000 per day

    Contact: +91 8884870267 or

    Nikhil Shastri

    While other boys his age kept busy with comics, a young Nikhil went through publications in search of wedding photos. He loved the emotions that sprung forth from each picture and as a wedding photographer it’s these emotions that he finds joy in capturing. As your wedding photog, Nikhil weaves himself into your intimate circle to deliver memories that last a lifetime.

    Price: Start INR 80,000 per day

    Contact: +91 98452 58382 or

    Saulat Zuberi

    Saluat Zuberi and his wife, Shahana, head SZ Photo & Films and offer wedding photography and cinematography services. Along with an experienced team, the duo produce gorgeous images of your big day with a touch of simplicity and modernity.

    Price: Start INR 1,00,000 per day

    Contact: +91 9900031513. or

    Vaijayanti Varma

    A self-confessed wedding junkie, Vaijayanti {she also works with Saulat Zuberi} deems that her photographic journey has shaped her worldview. She also happens to love, love, and having lived in 10 cities, she’s encountered all kinds of people. This, she thinks has equipped her to bring out and showcase the many emotions that different people display during the course of wedding.

    Price: Start INR 65,000 per day

    Contact: +91 9538228999 or

    Vinay Venugopal

    Shooting weddings is a humbling experience, says Vinay. Capturing moments of a lifetime that range from the joyous to the anxious without being intrusive takes humility and skill. And this is exactly what Vinay brings to the table as you take the first steps towards wedded bliss.

    Price: Start INR 55,000 per day

    Contact: +91 +91 98865 06660 or