Why The RPM Workout At The Tribe Ought To Be Your New Bae

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The Scoop

If you are anything like me you realise strength training is not for you; you tend to bulk up and not in a good way. You have terrible knees which does not let you do anything without making you squeal with agony. Which is why RPM aka spinning aka fat burning cycling is perfect for you.

The Style

RPM is an indoor cycling workout, you get on a stationary bike and the instructor tells you how to get a good workout. This is not a ride in the park listening to birds and watching people go by. This is an intense, core-using, sweat inducing workout. There are hill climbs, speed riding, and anything to get your heart racing and calorie burning.

What We Love

The high is what I love. All the endorphins would be pumping in and you get to burn around 800 to 1,000 calories {Take that Death By Chocolate from Corner House}! The instructors are brilliant over at the Tribe. Each has his/her own personality to whipping your butt into shape. Greshma is the hard task master, there is no escaping her, she will make sure you fit into that dress for the weekend.  Vivek is the maniac, with the sheer amount of crazy energy he puts into his class you have no choice but to match up. Carl comes across as easy going at the start and then you realise it is an illusion half way through. Did I mention bonus points  for them for being easy on the eye as well?

Who It’s For

For people who need cardio more than strength training, for those with knee issues and for those who like to have a good time working out and like good music to go with it. FYI, if you want to get rid of thunder thighs this is the workout for you.

Price: INR 5,155 for 15 classes

Timings: Monday 5.15pm , Tuesday 7.30 am and 7.30 pm, Thursday 7.30pm , Friday 7.30pm, Saturday 10am

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