This 80+ Years Old Store In Chickpet Is A Hidden Gem For Fountain Pens

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What Makes It Awesome

Starting off way back in 1940, RV Nadam & Co have been helping Bangaloreans get things ‘write’. The store specialises in pens of all kinds but it is their fountain pen collection that will delight you the most. Even before Independence came knocking, RV Nadam, a true-blue Bangalorean, had set up his shop in the bylanes of Chickpet. His bustling shop made brisk business by selling fountain pens for customers in the city. Most notable among them was Sir M Visvesvarya, the ace engineer and the erstwhile Diwan of Mysore. Today, the shop has passed into the hands of his younger son, V Suresh Kumar. And despite the challenges that crop up while running a business like this faces thanks to online retailers and the widespread use of ballpoint pens, Mr Kumar insists that he can’t see himself doing anything else.

Stationery junkies who can’t get enough of the fountain pen will be like kids at a candy store at this shop. The store’s shelves are filled with neat rows of pens sourced from the world over. You can spot vintage-style pens, that look like they belong to a bygone era, and also sleek ones that are definitely from the 21st century. We marvelled at Hero Pens (remember those?) that will cost you a few hundred and also at luxury ones that come with gold detailing and a hefty price tag. The store strictly shuns imitations and only deals in original products. You can source everything from Parker to Sheaffer, Cross, Montblanc, Waterman, and Swiss Military here. If you have a pen that has fallen into disrepair, you can bring it in and they’ll even service it for you no matter how old it is.


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