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Safary Bombay

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What Makes It Awesome

Before Safary Bombay it would seem like we weren't paying heed to our work wear. Funny, because we spend 8 hours or more living in it! If how much can one do with formal wear is your question, know that whether you dress to impress, express or dress just for success, Safary Bombay will take that journey with you and find you your uniform. All this while opening your office closet to a world beyond regular -- a world where formal and comfort are best friends!

This was how the Mumbai-based brand was born too; out of realisation and need shares, Shivani who co-founded the label with her brother, Harsh. Mumbai's all-round humid weather and a gap between formal and comfortable clothing led to taking inspiration from the 70s safari suit and its understated formal vibe. The results were unconventional, experimental and unisex Coord Sets! 

Very minimally designed, Safary Bombay's collections brags simple, clean cut and classic shirt and trousers sets, shirt and shorts sets, and jumpsuits and casual loose-fitted jackets. For comfort, these are made of pure all day linens, cotton, and handlooms like khadi and jamdhani. For quirk, some pieces have grid strokes, Chinese collars, stripes, and most have half sleeves. The muted pastels further add to that old-school, retro aesthetic the brand is after. 

Despite doing everything to stay understated, Safary Bombay's uniforms have received love beyond work spaces -- patrons sporting their coords to occasions and as casual daily wear, makes them a cool utility over fashion label!

Prices start at INR 3,200 upwards.


Safary Bombay also does tailored fits. All you have to do is select the size closest to your bust and their team will get in touch with you regarding other measurements. They're soon launching a new collection that will cater to three work types -- travel, social and formal in-office in colour options too. Easy decision making, yay!


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