Glow On The Outside And From Within With This Brand's Range Of Bathing Bars

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What Makes It Awesome

What’s a basic beauty and body care product that we literally can’t live without? Soap! And in 2020, there’s a new importance and value added to it. We can hear Paris Hilton say “That’s hot” faintly as she looks at the varieties that have come out. We have discovered Sampan Naturals, and are echoing the very same statement.Made with glycerine (for extra moisture), essential oils (for the benefits of aromatherapy, and other properties good for the skin), and nature derived ingredients like neem, fuller’s earth, flowers, and herbs, the soaps look, smell, and feel great. All soaps are handmade, and are inherently good for the skin (apart from cleansing of course) in some way or the other. 

For clarifying and purifying, try the bathing bars with Charcoal or Neeml, both of whose benefits are well documented. For calming and soothing purposes, get the bars with Lavender, Marigold (aka Calendula), or Rose petals. If it’s a glow or vibrancy you seek, they have options with Saffron, and Fuller’s Earth. That last one is a bit of an all in one if you ask us, and you can’t go wrong with it. Some of these soaps are also lightly exfoliating, so it’s cleanse, hydrate, soothe, exfoliate, and tone all in one bar! Feel free to pick up a bar (INR 100 for 150g) on LBB shop, and if you want them all, then they have a gift set of six bars at INR 400.