Gourmet Fast Food? Order From This Kitchen To Understand What That Tastes Like

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What Makes It Awesome

Carbs is love, carbs is life if you ask us and it’s tough to find places that treat it with respect. Enter Sandos n Grills, a new cloud kitchen that whips up burgers, pasta, fries and other diner favs. Started in July 2021, the kitchen already has a fan following in South Bangalore we hear, and after trying what they had to offer, we're not even slightly surprised.

Their best seller is the Big Cluck burger, and they're not kidding when they say 'Big'! Cushioned between soft, flavourful buns (a closely guarded in-house recipe we hear), fresh veggies, and a tangy sauce that really had us wanting more (and still being satisfied!), the chicken patty was juicy and, we're warning you - messy. The veg equivalent was made of red beans and hit all the right spots too. 

If not burgers, they have other options like pasta (the Rose/pink sauce is a hit we're told), and a super creamy, and cheesy mac n cheese which is unlike any we've had! For more of a kick, their orange paneer (available as chicken too) is awesome. And there's always their flavourful wings if you want familiar flavours. End it on a sweet note with the Biscoff Cheesecake and you'll be content for the rest of the day. Feel free to place your order on Swiggy.

What Could Be Better

They're currently only available in and around JP Nagar, but you can always send them a Dunzo. 


They're soon going to open another branch, and start a similar kitchen for wings so watch this space for more. 


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