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What Makes It Awesome

We all would love to flaunt our healthy, shiny and luscious locks, won’t we? Hair care can be exhausting and finding the right products for your hair type could be difficult. Bangalore based Sash Products is here to help you. Started in 2019Sash Products specialises in hair products that are formulated by Trichologist students, clinically tested and made with natural ingredients. They currently have three products to give your hair a treat -- Night Oil, Aurora Hair Pack and Yuga Hair Oil. Their night oil is made with coconut oil, castor oil, Vitamin E and camphor essence which helps in maintaining overall health of the scalp, reducing scalp bristles or acne, inflammation and dandruff and is priced at INR 360 for a 200ml bottle. 

Use them with the Aurora Hair Pack ( INR 450 for 130 grams) which is made with hibiscus leaves, curry leaves, fenugreek and sweet neem which helps in hair growth and strengthening your hair. If you have extreme hair issues, try out their Yuga Hair Oil which is made with leaf extracts sourced from Central Asia priced at INR 449 for 100ml. Before you place an order, we recommend to hit up Supritha on their Instagram and get a one on one consultation done. She offers consultation services at INR 200 that will help you identify your scalp type, hair issues that you are facing and recommend products and diet that will help you take care of your hair better. You can hit them up on Instagram and place your orders.