For South Indian Wedding And Festival Essentials, Check Out This Store In Gandhi Bazaar

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What Makes It Awesome

For low key yet traditional weddings, festival prep (Ugadi is coming up, after all) or pujas, Satish Stores has the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Located in Gandhi Bazaar (perfect for South Indian events of any kind really), the colourful store has everything from ceremonial plates to carved coconuts to those fancy umbrellas for the Kaashi Yatra or items required for the Dhare or any of the pujas before and after the wedding ceremony itself. Speaking of the wedding ceremony, they also sell garlands, be it real, fake, or the non-floral decorative ones, as well as those, to be hung on photos and doorways. Of course, if you want more variety, you can always choose any of the options on the street. 

Among other things, they sell framed religious paintings, idols, multiple varieties of Rudraksha (prayer beads), brass and copper puja items. The colourful (and well-stocked) store should be able to help you with your DIY wedding/puja shopping list as their staff is also knowledgeable about the rituals involved. Should you be pressed for time (or need something last-minute), then you can place your orders online and get it delivered at your convenience, even on the day of! Head to this store and start prepping for Ugadi 

What Could Be Better

There’s no parking, and the place is usually pretty crowded, so plan ahead before going. 


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