Healthy, Organic & Delightful Vegetarian Food At GoNative

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What Makes It Awesome?

Go Native, a casual dining restaurant located in HSR serves healthy, organic and delightful native veg food in town.

This is not just a restaurant, its a place to eat, shop and relax. They have various handicrafts and some really good artwork for sale, also the millet, coffee, spices, pulses and cereals which are for sale and most of which are grown in their farms.

The ambience is amazing, lush greenery on the rooftop, a hideout for some relaxing and peaceful meal. The plates, glasses, and cutlery are made from copper, hence everything you eat is healthy.

Started with moringa leaves & sweet corn and Mushroom, potato & coriander soup. Both were really good, amazing flavours and a generous amount of filling.

Apple, fennel stem and lentil salad - a refreshing salad, the base of lettuce and fennel stem, loads of lentil seeds, slices of apple, some watermelon, walnuts and topped with mustard sauce. can't ask for more.

Baked Assorted bread rolls: bread rolls with stuffing with mild spice, served with green chutney which is again not spicy. if you are someone who is not a fan of spicy food this is a must-try.

Assorted mini burger sliders: a must-try dish, flavoursome sliders served with salsa

Mix grain Thalipeet with falafel: the presentation is just an art, again looks more like a slider, base of multi-grain paratha, stuffed with veggies filling and topped with falafel.

Whole wheat pizza: a crust made from whole wheat, generous amount of stuffing and cheese.

Black and red rice masala chilla: a masala dosa made from ragi and red rice, certainly a healthy dosa with made from native ingredients.

Gulab Jamun pudding with avocado kalakand: desserts are always my favourite part of the meal, this dessert is my favourite and would highly recommend it. A gulab jamun in middle of a pannacotta pudding placed on a layer of avocado kalakand. So many flavours in 1 dessert.

Bon Appetit!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae, Family