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When In Pondy You Gotta Scuba Dive, With Some Help From Temple Adventures

    Say What?

    Temple Adventures is the only scuba diving school in Pondicherry and the divers here are PADI {Professional Association of Diving Instructors} certified. 

    Tell Me More

    Pondicherry is known for its beaches and its proximity to the vast waters and scuba diving here is one of the few adventure sport options. Temple Adventures provides different PADI certified scuba diving courses, starting from those meant beginners {first timers} to higher levels for experienced divers.  If you are a diving noob, then you can pick the Experience Scuba Diving course at Temple Adventures. If you are a non-swimmer, don’t worry, this one is for you too. The course is spread over two days and follows a theory session first. This is then followed up with a pool training session on the first day {for approximately two hours} and then you get to try your hand at some real diving on day 2 with the Ocean Diving session. Personalised divers or trainers are sent with every person during the sessions and they are really friendly and understanding. The experience is amazing and I suggest you definitely give it a shot!

    Anything Else?

    Please make your booking a little in advance. You can check their website and email or call them for further details. The Experience Scuba Diving course is priced at INR 6,500 with an additional INR 500 charged in case you want your pictures clicked underwater. One important thing to ensure is that you should not fly for 12 hours post your first dive. So please ensure you don’t book your flight tickets out of Pondicherry on the same day.