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Shhh…Cinephiles of Bangalore, You're in for a Secret Treat

Neha posted on 04 September

You heard it here first: Bangalore is going to get its very own secret cinema event.

On September 20, film zealots can participate in the city's first edition of Zoetrope, an evening of clandestine cinema.

We're in great company.

In various avatars, versions of secret film screenings have taken place in London, Kabul, Chennai, and now, Bangalore.

There's plenty of mystery and intrigue: the location is a secret, as is the choice of film .

But cloak-and-daggers and secrecy aside, it's also about returning to the celebratory, eventful side of cinema, a way to turn an evening out at the cinema into something special again.

Psst…There's more.

Bangalore is only the second Indian city to play host to the furtive evening of film. The event went to Chennai in 2014, although in a much smaller incarnation with only 100 tickets.

You can see what happened at the Chennai event in this video:

Awesome! What can we expect? 

You can look forward to a relaxed, if intrigue-filled, experience with friends, pillows, delicious fare, and the cinema, of course.

As for the venue, you can expect that it'll fit in well with the theme of the film to be screened - whether it’s an urban park, an old mansion, or a beach.

And do definitely dress up! In fact, you must.

They're keeping things hush-hush, of course, but there are some details we can give away.

When: September 20

Where: Will be disclosed closer to the date

Contact: Sharan Reddy at +91 9940021115

Check out the website here, where you can sign up to be let in on the details.

Featured image via Wired.