Grow Big Or Grow At Home: Get Seed-sational Fruit Plants, Pots & Seeds Here!

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What Makes It Awesome

In all of the lockdown seeds and plants were selling out left, right and center (still are, yay). Peeps indulging in something as calming and productive as gardening discovered a useful way to spend their time social distancing. Didn't take us too long to jump on this journey of forging a deeper connection with our homes too! But in case you're late to this plant party, no worries! You can still be one with nature because we've discovered Seedlings India, an online store spreading seeds of kindness, armed with everything they need to us into a crazy plant lady or lad.

Every flower or fruit plant you see as part of Seedlings India's vast array of saplings are grown from F1 hybrid seeds. Viz. they are created by means of controlled pollination, sometimes by hand-pollination and with intensive care. The founder grows these baby plants herself, turning her home in Delhi into a mini nursery! Seedlings also works with NGOs to donate as well as sell their plants, saplings and seeds. Their portal also educates on how to maintain and grow plants using various techniques.

Categorised as Fruit & Flower Plants, Succulents & Cactus, Air Purifying Plants and Plant Arrangements & Terrariums -- you can get your hands on varieties like fig plants, bougainvillea, gulmohar, and lemon, guavas, orange plants and agave and hobbit succulents too. Imagine over 1000 varieties, easy! Seedlings sells seeds of course, so take your pick from fancy pansies to orchids or heirloom tomatoes to herbs, to love and grow at home. Lesser trips to the farmer's market, here we come!


Seedlings India also has a super cute collection of ceramic pots, all hand made and hand painted with leaves, birds and flowers. These are rustic and rugged. Prices start at INR 90 for seeds while plants and pots start at INR 270 and INR 199.


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