Eat Like Chinese Royalty at the Newly-Opened Shang Palace

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Gong Bao Chicken and Crispy Lotus Stem


Any of the herbal teas {Jasmine or Green, especially}

Winning for

Authentic yet really simple flavours

What we ate

The Lotus Stem tossed in Hoisin and chilli sauce for the vegetarians and Chongquing Chicken, a delightful Sichuan pepper corn creation with cubes of chicken, got us off to a very good start. Then, Tofu in Black Bean Sauce and a Cold Broccoli in Soy helped tide us through until the Dim Sum round. Shao Mi, with water chestnuts, carrots, bean and onions, made for the light veggie option, but the Pork Dumplings and Roasted Pork Belly with Chilli and Soy won us over completely. If you like duck, the Roasted Beijing Duck is just for you, and involves a DIY creation with slivers of duck in pancakes with cucumber, scallion and plum sauce.

Love, from China

With Chinese Fried Rice and Pan Fried Noodles as common accompaniments, Mapo Tofu, Schezuan Chicken, and Clay-Pot Lamb was next. We loved the Braised Lamb {deboned, naturally} in a fragrant and mild chilli and five spice sauce. Tofu, spicy thanks to the chilli and pungent due to bamboo shoot, went very well with the rice, while the fiery chicken got us all fired up. Do try the steamed fish and prawns either in Black Bean, Soy or Chilli versions. Finish off with a traditional Cantonese Milk Pudding with fruit or dig into five spice, cinnamon, green tea or jasmine tea ice cream for a complete Chinese indulgence.

DL on ambience

Decked out in red and gold with mood lighting at night, the place is exactly what you’d expect of Shangri-La – sophisticated yet not overdone. We love that there’s plenty of space to let conversations remain private.

So we’re thinking

Chef Lin Lin Yang, the executive chef is from China, and when there is a Chinaman at the helm of a Chinese restaurant, you don’t think twice before visiting {or re-visiting in our case}. The reasonable pricing will also have us coming back here. But do ask for the spice levels to be upped if needed, as they cater to a tamer palate, we feel.

Where: #56, Palace Grounds

Contact: 080 45126440

Price: INR1,800 plus tax upwards for two

Check out their website here.


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