Shao Lives Up To Be Truly Five Star In Pan Asian Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

Inside Raddison Blu, SHAO is a cosy and awesome place. A Pan Asian Restaurant, with an ambience which gives you a peaceful mind and makes your belly big. From the statues to the environment and the lighting, it is amazing.

When you order food, there is no need to wait. Before you get the food, the waitress would place Prawn Crackers, Sabudana Crackers with Kimchi, then a small serving of Spring Roll would appear, which was really delicious. The cracker with Kim Chi is an amazing combination. These fillers are light and won't affect the main food.
The serving of Chinese Tea would enhance and prepare for the awesome main course.

-Fantastic Four: A must have mocktail here. With a tinge of mango, Jeera.

Coming to the food,
-Lung Fung Chicken Soup: Spices and proportions which are perfect. The chicken was flavoured so well.
-Spicy Lotus Stem Soup: I loved this one. Chef had really done magic, pls don't miss it g`uys. It was so refreshing. Lotus stem was boiled and the soup has infused its flavour.
-Sushi: Assorted Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Sushi was presented in a wooden Ship. Man, first the presentation amazed me, then the sushi.

-Kung Pao Chicken: The name is similar, but the taste was extraordinary. Even the cutlery is impressive here.
-Five Spice Fish: Five spices infused with a fish which was soft and awesome. Even the shape of the plate was of a fish. This is epic.
-Crispy Tofu: Presented in a long tray, Tofu was extremely soft. Salt would have been added to compliment the good taste.
-Vegetarian & Chicken Potstickers: Dumplings presented in a Potstickers form. I had never had this before. This was too yummy.

Main Course,
All the dishes in the main course were given a small hotpot which gives a mild heat.
-Egg Fried Rice
-Veg Hakka Noodles
-Sliced Lamb in Black Pepper Sauce: Black Pepper Sauce was the highlight in this dish, it was subtle and the lamb was cooked to perfection.
-Shredded Chicken
-Sichuan Eggplant: An eggplant lover like me would definitely fall in love with this.
-Asian Greens & Water Chestnuts: This is a must try, water chestnuts in a different Flavour.

-Date Pancake
-Fresh Fruit Rolls
-Death By Chocolate