Love Kebabs? This Persian Restaurant In Pulakeshi Nagar Is A Must-Visit

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What Makes It Awesome

A meat eater's paradise, Sheeshkebab wins for its authentic Persian kebabs, great ambience and pet-friendly policy. With a wooden seating area, a private section where you can sit on floor sofas in typical Arabic style, and a running waterfall to drown out the city noise, Sheeshkebab is both beautiful and welcoming. In fact, when the weather is decent (and when they finish setting it up), you can even head to the top floor and chill with your friends.

Be warned, vegetarians. Their menu is a meat lover's paradise and is dominated by Persian delights such as Polo (the Persian version of biryani), rich gravies and flatbreads, and the most succulent and flavourful kababs we've eaten so far! We started off with the Kabab-E-Makhsoos -- mutton kheema wrapped around boneless chicken that is marinated in the chef's special recipe and grilled on skewers. The Jooje Irani Kebab -- broiler chicken, marinated in exotic spices, was our personal favourite among the starters. 

We paired the Chelo Rice Kebab Koobideh (saffron rice steamed with butter, along with mutton koobideh kebab and one large, skinned tomato) with the Khorest-E-Ghosht-O-Bademjan. Surprisingly, no actual badams were present in the dish -- in fact, we were told that Bademjaan means brinjal in Persian. More flavourful than spicy, this was the star dish of the night for us. And since we had just a tiny bit of space left for dessert, we settled for the overly sweet Dal Ka Meetha.


You can bring your furry pals along, too -- the restaurant is pet-friendly that way, but they don't have a dedicated menu for pets or a special area to seat them, so keep that in mind when you take your pooch there.